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Do you guys only play games based on reviews? I've seen users on here say "if the reviews are good, I'll play it for sure," and "no, the reviews say it sucks, so I'm not wasting my time with it," way too many times. It's like a lot of you are willing to play a game only if the reviews are positive.

I tend not to pay attention to reviews. What does that editor know about my likes and dislikes? I've liked plenty of games that they've hated, and I've hated many, many games that they've called "brilliant," "genius," and other assorted adjectives. I'm not making any personal attacks, but it seems like a lot of you pay a little too much attention to reviews, and tend to not make your own choices on the games you play.

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I tend not to pay attention to reviews. What does that editor know about my likes and dislikes? I've liked plenty of games that they've hated, and I've hated many, many games that they've called "brilliant," "genius," and assorted adjectives.

Pretty much this.

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The examples you gave are instances of making informed purchasing decisions and have nothing to do with liking or disliking games. That's not to say there aren't irrational people who are only able to regurgitate the opinions of others.

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How in the world can I make my own choices about a game I haven't played yet? If a game is getting mixed reviews then I'll tend to look at a review from someone that I know from their past scores has similar tastes to mine. But if a game is getting universally bad reviews, then let's face it, something is probably fundamentally, mechanically wrong with it. Am I supposed to apologize for avoiding spending my money on something people are saying is shit? If I'm going to a restaurant and there's one bad review, I'm going to disregard it. If it's all bad reviews, I'm not gonna eat there.

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I know what I like and very few reviews influence my purchases. There have been the occasional times when I probably should have listened to some of the opinions, but I find myself disagreeing with reviewers a hell of a lot these days.

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I pay attention to reviews. But why I find Giantbomb so good is that I know the quirks, likes and dislikes of the staff. This helps me balance their opinion, with my tastes and I get a much better idea than some random guy giving the game 89/100.

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I read and watch reviews but I don't base my purchases on them. If I had I'd probably have missed out on a ton of games I ended up loving.

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I don't see what's so wrong in looking for a little buyer's advise. There are games that I'll buy regardless, but there are also games that I'd like to do a little research on first (or decide to wait till it's cheaper), which will often include reading reviews. And I mean reviews - plural. I'll read a number of different sources and take into account who the author is as well. Obviously the editor isn't aware of your own ''likes and dislikes'', but if you know what the author's tastes are from prior reviews/discussions, then you'll at least get a better sense of how close your own taste is to theirs.

Sometimes I just like reading/watching reviews because I'm interested in the author's opinion, or because they're a good enough writer that it's actually entertaining, regardless of what the game is. Alex is one such example where I'll read whatever he writes, just because he's a damn good writer.

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I find I really have few people I actually feel are looking for the same things in video-games as I am, so fewer and fewer people's opinions have mattered to me as time goes on. Lately, I've found Idle Thumbs generally sync up with my interests pretty well, so when they said Miasmata was really cool, citing Far Cry 2 as a point of comparison (a game I really found quite special), I was pretty keen to play it. Finally did a few weeks ago and WOW, what an amazing experience that was. Checking metacritic, a lot of people didn't really like that game or knocked it for technical reasons. Whatever, I had a profoundly good time with that game.

On the flip-side, they really dug Dishonored and Mark of the Ninja, two games I've dabbled in and found completely underwhelming. So I guess its a combination of knowing what you like and only paying attention to opinions that actually reflect similar criteria as you have about games. A lot of Giant Bomb reviews don't really focus on criteria I care about so I don't really give them much credence, sorry to say. For example, Rayman Legends got a 5/5, however I really didn't find anything special in Rayman Origins and nothing I'm seeing or reading regarding the sequel suggests it is interested in providing an experience I want to have so I can safely dismiss that as being not worth MY time. Its all so relative I continually debate why there are dedicated, review-centric sites anymore. Idle Thumbs doesn't even do reviews, they just kinda talk at length about games and that's usually more than enough for me to get a complete enough picture of something.

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I play games based half on word of mouth, half on a crapshoot method (or whatever the word I'm looking for is).

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Sometimes I just want a general feeling. If a lot of reviewers say something is great then there are high chances ill enjoy it. Not always though, as evidenced by my indifference towards Skyrim despite an assortment of glowing reviews.

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Usually i make up my mind if i'm going to buy a new release before its out. Based on gameplay footage and other research. Reviews arent even out when i make up my mind.

Sure I'll play it, and afterwards after i have my own opinion i find it interesting to see if people agree or disagree with me. Thats usually when i read reviews.

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For to me totally unknown games, sure, I try to get a sense of what the general consensus among reviewers is. Other than that, I try to keep up with critics who seem to have a taste similar to mine, which makes it likely that I'll have a similar opinion on games they like or dislike (on GB, I guess it's mostly Jeff and Patrick, though can't say their taste overlap with mine so much that I can go strictly on their word, but there are some local Swedish critics who seem to share my opinion on almost everything, so I feel pretty safe following their advice).

I also strive to keep an 90's mind to this stuff, and sometimes skip reading any reviews altogether and just buy something because I like the setting (pretty much everything Cyberpunk, space combat games, or stuff that's vaguely reminiscent of the Amiga era) or cover art (not all that common these days though).

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Nan, with extensive gameplay videos like quicklooks I can usually build a reliable personal opinion of a game without touching the thing. I get enough info from the footage and the crew fills in the rest with quality statements and things like the responsivness of the controls.

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They definately influence my decision but the most important factor is word of mouth and discussion about the games.

Take Rayman Legends for example. I probably wouldn't have bought that game after only watching the Quick Look, but knowing it has 5 stars and 9/10 reviews pushed me over the edge and I am really happy with my decision.

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I tend to look at reviwes when Im doubtfull of the technical side of things ... as another poster said by the time the game comes out I am decided or purchasing the thing or not , altho it doesnt hurt to double check.

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It depends I think, if it's a game I'm only kinda interested in I'll wait for reviews from people who I know have similar tastes to mine. If it's a game I'm really interested in, I'll play it regardless.

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@missacre said:

Do you guys only play games based on reviews?

eff no. I could care less about a game's score. e.g. Dragon's Dogma got 3 stars from GB. It was easily my personal GotY 2012.

What I use reviews for is a general idea of what a game does well or doesn't do well that isn't likely to be advertised. And for insight into some of the features/nature of the game. At best it's a secondary source of information. Primarily I'll use word of mouth and my own curiosity/knowledge to check out a game (I'm playing a GB user I respect personal recommendation right now, The Witcher, and am liking it a lot), but if I'm on the fence I'll check some reviews before purchasing.

e.g. the latest Simcity. Without reading news and reviews about I probably would have bought that game just because I loved many games in that series. But when I learned about some of the features around that game (always online, city cap limit etc), I knew it wasn't for me. It could have scored a 5/5 and I wouldn't have liked it as it doesn't have the aspects o the experience I care about.

That's also actually why imo Quick Looks are so much more useful than reviews. Then I can see for myself without as much of a filter if it's something I'm going to like or not.

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I don't have unlimited money to just blow on games. If a game comes out and it's universally panned by reviewers, I'm probably going to skip it. Trailers and stuff are cool but I wouldn't really ever use them to influence my purchasing decision.

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It depends on the game. For games that require being genre savvy I turn to user impressions more than reviews. I learned this the hard way with Xcom. There were so many reviewers (including the giant bomb crew) fawning over the thing and talking about it's amazing moments and challenge that I figured I should give the game a shot. I've played my share of Tactics RPGs so I expected depth and a challenge. What I found was baby's first TRPG, which is a fine and valid way to get into the genre (I'm glad Patrick made the jump), but this wasn't what I wanted.

The same thing happened with reviewers of DmC. It was a fine experience for people not familiar with the genre, but it wasn't the DMC game that most fans wanted.

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Reviews are a relic of the days when you were lucky to get a couple 1" x 1" screenshots at best when a game came out. They are completely irrelevant because you can get more then enough of an idea if a game is fun from watching video.

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@missacre said:

I tend not to pay attention to reviews. What does that editor know about my likes and dislikes? I've liked plenty of games that they've hated, and I've hated many, many games that they've called "brilliant," "genius," and other assorted adjectives. I'm not making any personal attacks, but it seems like a lot of you pay a little too much attention to reviews, and tend to not make your own choices on the games you play.

That's why you need to find reviewers with similar tastes as yours, or to a lesser more cynical extent, the opposite of yours.

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"Liking" or "hating" are wrong terms to use. "Interested" or "not interested" more accurately describe my feelings about games I haven't played after reading coverage about them. I have a life to lead and can't play a game for hours until I can decide whether or not I think its worth my time, but I won't argue about a games quality online with someone if I haven't played it. That's stupid.

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When I'm pretty hyped for a game, I'll probably give it a shot regardless of reviews (unless in the case of RE6, where all reviews point to the game actively being on fire). Reviews generally help me make decisions on games that seem cool conceptually but could fail in practice. I'm also a big believer in having reviews as buying advice and finding reviewers that tend to share my tastes.

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Reviews are either buying advice for me or alternate takes on what I think about a game. My opinion of a game isn't swayed by reviews. My potential for buying, or not buying, a game is. Also my view of a game can be more well-rounded with differing opinions on a game I like/dislike. But my experience with a game is my own and is not dictated by review.

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I would say that reviews influence my purchase when the game is brand-new. If it sounds like it has issues, I will likely ignore it, unless it's a game I still have a desire to play for other reasons. I am perfectly willing to pick up a poorly-reviewed game later, when it becomes a better price value.

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Nope. I dont even read reviews for games that i've already decided to purchase based on the concept. Same with movies. I like to be surprised, and it's worth taking the risk that the surprise may be a bad one just so I can enjoy the good surpises. I do go back and read reviews for games after i've beaten them just to see how peoples opinions differ from my own.

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When I'm on the fence about a game, I turn to some reviewers that I trust to get their opinion, sure. For instance, over the last few years of reading Brad's reviews I have found that we have extremely similar tastes in games, so if I see something that looks interesting, and Brad writes a rave review for it that moves it up quite a bit on my list of games to buy.

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I've gotten to like QL's more than Reviews. True, there is verbal cluing, and maybe a 'I liked/didn't like this or that. But mostly I get to see the game in action, and whether I might like it or not.

Reviews are valuable also. In the end it's trying to get an informed idea on my part and if to buy a game outright or wait for a sale. Or not buy at all.

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I don't usually read any reviews. Unless I'm super excited for the game and want to get every bit of information I can, even then I don't let them affect my opinion about the game.

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I don't really play games based on review, I decide when I'm going to purchase it based on review though.

If it's real good and critically acclaimed titles, then it's high probably that I'd buy them on day one. Else I'd wait till price drop.

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I tend to use reviews (or opinions) of people I know align similarly with my own tastes. Or if their tastes are the complete opposite of my own I'll use that too. But for the most part, previews, QLs, and other pre-purcahse information usually has me knowing enough by the time a decision should be made.

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People still write reviews?

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I'll usually have a firm idea in my head of the games I do or do not feel like getting. When critics are extremely positive about it, i'll try to pick it up sooner. When critics are extremely negative about it, i'll wait a while before getting it. This happened with The Last of Us (thought i'd play it at some point, heard critical buzz and bought it a few days after release) and The Bureau (wanted to get it on release, read the reviews and have now decided to wait for a price drop).

That said, people who actually make quality statements on games they haven't played are crazy.

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I would like it more if there was no such thing as reviewscoresas the focus of attention of the reader is most of the time put onto that aspect of the review. I am, and I'm sure most of you, if not all of you people are guilty of this at some point. Could you imagine a world with no numbers or grades to easily categorise and overgeneralise things, it would be a crazy but more interesting of a world I think.

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What does making this thread even accomplish?

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Reader / Customer reviews are much more valuable to me than website reviews by gaming press. Honestly, I usually don't buy games until years after they have come out so I typically know what I'm getting into when I buy a game, and its usually very discounted so I don't feel as bad wasting $5 on Odin Sphere as I would wasting $60 on Ni No Kuni (which I haven't played yet btw, just using it as an example of a game I'll probably get once its cheap)

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I tend not to pay attention to reviews. What does that editor know about my likes and dislikes? I've liked plenty of games that they've hated, and I've hated many, many games that they've called "brilliant," "genius," and assorted adjectives.

Pretty much this.

The editor doesn't know your likes and dislikes but you do know their likes and dislikes (atleast at Giant Bomb) which can help come to a purchasing decision

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I've always just read reviews for the writing, they've never stopped me liking or disliking any game ever.

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It depends on the reviewer. If I know that me and the reviewer has a similar taste in games then I certainly heed their advice but even then there are times when I have some doubts.

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I think there's a difference between saying you like or dislike a game based on reviews and saying that you're going to play or not play a game based on reviews. Of course there are people who get way too wrapped up in review scores online, but reviews are there to help people work out what to buy and I can understand why people would choose to steer clear of a game because it had reviewed poorly. Like the large majority of people I don't choose to play or not play games based solely on reviews, but they do play a pretty big part in it.

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Listening to well explained and thoughtful critique of a game is a good way to save yourself money and time. But it's just one part of my decision making process as there are some genres I just can't enjoy, tropes I just can't stand, and games that I don't have the time or abillity to get into.

Sure, I'm sure I'm missing out on a few gems thinking this way. But whats the alternative? Buy and play everything?

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a review number tells me if the game is on fire and more importantly, if there is something there I want to try even if the overall experience is flawed.

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I just want to now if the game is broken and what ''they'' promised is true or not. Like for exemple the game aliens colonial marines.

For the rest i dicide for myself if i like a game or not.

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I don't read reviews; yesterday I made here a quick check on Gone Home (I played that two days ago) and Saints Row IV (completed in the very first days), for curiosity, because I keep seeing people mentioning about reviews. If a game winks at me in other ways, I will check the gameplay on YouTube, sometimes it takes me more time to be convinced to take it; it happens quite rare when I miss a good game. Dishonored did not clicked for me despite the high review scores, and there are many other well known and appreciated games that I haven't played. I also don't read on Wikipedia the storylines, it wouldn't be much fun if everything is predictable. IMO, watching a gameplay on YouTube, it's much better because a review can't describe the flexibility of handling the mechanics of a game. There you get an idea and that remains theoretically until you buy the game (if you don't make a good check on the gameplay) and the chances of getting disappointed are bigger; on YT, practically you will see how it works and if it will reach your standards as a gamer. Reviews are likely biased, either the author will say negative things about a game or positive things, too many details, for me it feels like they put it on your face. Watching a gameplay, there is nobody to reveal the flaws; naturally will let alone the gamer to see and feel what will click right away.

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I like watching reviews to see if I'm getting my money's worth. Hearing different perspectives does influence my purchase sometimes. If a game is having good feedback then I might drop 60 bucks, if its negative I might hold off until it drops in price. Then again if its a game where I'm super hyped about. I might just buy it ignoring all the reviews.

Though that came back to haunt me when I first bought Duke Nukem Forever. Though I don't hate the game now, back then I was pissed I'd payed 60 bucks for it.

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Generally find reviews that have in past lined up with my own tastes, and worked from there, usually it's just a gut thing based on following the game, previews, quick looks etc. Mind you, I did not buy XCOM: Declassified because of it's poor reception, but I may pick it up for cheaps later.

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I find reviews useful, but I usually purchase games based on gameplay videos/community opinion (such as the GIANTBOMBDOTCOM forums). I'm rarely disappointed with any of my gaming purchases, so I guess I'm doing something right