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Hey guys, 
who could go for some Jeff & Vinny endurance run action on Limbo of the lost
I think it would be a promise for something hilarious.

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I don't know what that game is.

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@Penzilneck said:

" Hey guys, 
who could go for some Jeff & Vinny endurance run action on Limbo of the lost?  I think it would be a promise for something hilarious. "

The guys said there would be no more ER. Please use search. Many people have suggested games and well...it gets annoying to see these pop up. It wont happen. and IF it does happen it will be for a special game.  
Course if one is done it needs to be a nice long game. 
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I like these original threads a lot. 
At least this time it was actually for an old game instead of something that isn't even out yet and overly hyped at the same time

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I do love ER threads and the inevitable abuse that follows.

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It's a shame there will be no more ERs - The Deadly Premonition ER is what got me hooked on Giant Bomb. I guess there's a lot of time investment there.
Limbo of the Lost, if I remember rightly, was a game which featured a lot of, er, "borrowed" artwork...

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I think there should be something coded in the comments that perma bans anyone who makes a topic with the words "Endurance Run" in it. Seriously. They've said a million times that they aren't going to do one for a long while and the last time people harassed them about an endurance run we got Deadly Premonition, a game that was hard enough watching for one team, never mind two teams.

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Yes, yes, we get it. Everyone wants a new endurance run. Asking for it only makes them want to do one less, so SHUT THE HELL UP.

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@Penzilneck: I like you, from what I've seen the cut of your jib is pretty great. But, I'm just gonna let you know that people tend to freak the hell out about endurance runs. I understand that you didn't know, and that your request was worded nicely, and wasn't at all demanding. Just be prepared for the shitstorm is all.
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Yep, folks around here don't like people suggesting those there endurance runs.
But yeah, Limbo of the Lost (from the stuff I've seen) seems crazy, especially the ending. Seems like an awful, awful game.

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Thanks for reminding me this game existed. When the whole controversy blew up, I was fascinated by the whole project. Now you've jogged my memory I need to go look at a Let's Play for it. Cheers!

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Every time someone suggests a game for an ER, Jeff's penis gets a little shorter.

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Well, honestly the thought just struck me as a funny one and I didn't think I'd need to research my posts thoroughly to ensure I'm not repeating anything said before. This is a big site with a lot of dialog going on, so it's hard to be 100% safe. But I'll keep it in mind. Still learning the ropes. 
@ZeForgotten: Hah, you get the idea.  
@pickassoreborn: Same here! I came for a Quick Look, but stayed for the Deadly Premonition ER. 
@beej: Thanks. Kudos on the Agent Cooper thing you've got going. But I anticipated these shitstormy first posting mistakes, as is almost inevitable on most established forums. At least there's always someone who doesn't knock the new kid in class for asking obvious questions. 
@buzz_clik: Welcome. I actually have the game installed on my old PC, but haven't yet found the time to play it.

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I don't think anyone should be promoting it for any reason.

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I don't even care if there's another endurance run or not and this annoys me.

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My popcorn are ready! Just in time!

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You should totally do an Endurance Run of the game. 
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I do wonder if Giant Bomb atleast gets 1 ER thread a day.

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@Axxol: If you've tried to play Limbo of the Lost, that absolutely sounds like a threat!