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My first Dell laptop got so slow in Windows that it took longer than I cared to wait and quantify just to exit the screensaver with nothing else running.  Normally in Windows when my computer slows down, I backup and reinstall the OS, but there was no restore disc, and Dell didn't seem to want to give me one or know why I would need one, so I eventually tried Linux, since it was free.  I ended up with Puppy Linux, Bobpup derivative, which I love and use to this day, but I'm having trouble finding good games outside of PySol Fanclub Edition (excellent solitaire collection, by the way.)  Anyone have any good games for Linux along with tips to get them running?
Oh yeah, I'm looking for schmups, RPGs (especially JRPGs,) RTSs, platformers and beat-em-ups.  I only have a Celeron 1.5GHz with 1GB RAM and onboard video, so nothing too resource intensive, but I also have a PS2 and an Xbox 360 for the big stuff.  I just want some games on my laptop for when I can't get to my consoles.  Thanks.

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Virtual Box dude.

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NO Sorry, as much as i hate to say it you really need a better laptop to even play flash games, and i also just hate laptops, or Windows (ARGH I said it)
PC are the best

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Go see if any of the DOSBox versions will run on your distro of linux, and get some old PC games, i know they aren't up to date, but they can still be fun. And there are a lot of abandonware games out there.

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You understand that you can, and you should have, created your own restore disk?

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SmugDarkLoser said:
You understand that you can, and you should have, created your own restore disk?
Well, that lappy's gone now.  Gave it to a local computer store when the fan died, heard Dells are a pain to fix, and didn't have the money to want to deal with it at the time.  Got this one recently.  It can take another GB of ram, which I plan on doing.  The point of this lappy was to be a psuedo-netbook, with the specs of a netbook but with a bigger screen and keyboard, mostly for net surfing, documents, and listening to music. Games aren't the highest priority, but what games I can play that are good, I want to play.
I still use Windows, as there are a few things I can't do with my distro that I do on a somewhat regular basis.  What would be the best way to make a restore disc?  Don't know if such tools are available on the laptop, with the answer I got from Dell the time I did bother to inquire about it.
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Get the Fallout Collection available on amazon.com

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Captain_Fookup said:
Get the Fallout Collection available on amazon.com
or you can get them at Good Old Games (www.gog.com) really cheap and with no DRM
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Get Wine. I've played HL2 and Guild Wars and stuff on Linux thanks to it.
I'd also maybe suggest taking a look at Ubuntu. It's a really awesome distro.