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Alright, so of late I've begun to take an interest in performing live-shows, of popular video-games; much like some other folks we all know and love. I've mainly been thinking of doing a Witcher 2, and possibly a Dark Souls play-through; all in live-format, that ofcourse, could be caught later on a site like youtube.

I'm also attempting to convince my friends to purchase Guild Wars 2 and strive to get a DOTA 2 account and have as such, decided, that if I could perhaps show them a match, or some beta footage and walk them through it, they would be more inclined to make the leap.

Now; from a technical aspect, I've got all that I require. Great hardware, fantastic connection; sufficient to run a high definition live-stream. What I lack, however, is the correct software to do so. I downloaded a program called Livestream Procaster, and while it worked nigh-on flawlessly, it required a license in order to broadcast HD videos. And The Witcher 2 in low-res just seems like a kick to the balls. A license that costs 250 bucks. (YIKES!) So, is there any free-ware, or any cheaper software, which can broadcast HD, you guys could recommend to me? I wouldn't mind a bit of advertisement, etcetera; long as the broadcast itself is of high quality. I'd also like to hear some inputs on good software for simply recording game-footage. There's many of them; but telling which is good and which is great comes across as a fool's quest.

So, yes; inputs? Help? Suggestions? I do require it. And I'd ofcourse post links and times for the live broadcasts here on the site incase anyone would be interested. Think of it as proto-quicklooks. Much appreciated, fellas.

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I don't have any personal experience so I can't offer a solution, but if nobody's able to help here, you might head over to justn.tv/twitch.tv and see if they've got some guides to get you running as that network is 100% streaming 100% of the time.

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@Ravenlight: Thanks, mate, I do appreciate it. And yeah, now that you mention it, it sounds like a pretty damn good way to go about it. Had expected a bit more input from the bombers; maybe it's rush-hour.

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XSplit is really the way to go especially if you're talking about streaming PC games. It's not necessarily cheap ($60 I think?) but in the sub $200 range I don't think you are going to find a better option.

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Yeah another vote to Xsplit, super simple and efficient solution for live streaming. If you wanted to go completely free however, you could look into the rather antiquated method of using Adobe's Flash Media Encoder coupled with VHScrCap which also works great but is a bit more complex to set up since it designed to do plenty of other things besides streaming.

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I used to use Livestream Procaster but as soon as Xsplit went into beta or whatever I picked that up. Much more efficient usage of your hardware as well as allowing you to broadcast on other, better sites like Own3d and Twitch.tv. I don't know if it's still free to use, but if I was streaming more often I definitely would buy it.

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Alright, I've experimented with numerous options and finally landed with (may I have a drum-roll to mark this anti-climatic moment?) Xsplit! Cheers for all the advice, guys; a 3 month license costs some 15 USD; suppose I'll have one Mojito less the next time I go out drinking and I'll have made up for it.

I experimented with quite a few different programs and recieved some pretty good results from Dyyno in terms of definition and frame-rate. That said, I was really annoyed by the fact that it forced you to keep your game in window-mode. Finally tried out Xsplit and I've got to say, I'm pretty damn impressed.

So, thanks for the advice, guys. I think I'm pretty much settled over here.

@Barbadus: Gotta' say, that's a pretty clever option. I was actually contemplating doing something similair, but I found the lack of actual web-site support to stream your broadcasts to be pretty much a death-trap.

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XSplit is all you need, worth every penny!

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Would Open Broadcaster work as a serious suggestion? I know this is a year out of date, but other people could come to this thread looking for advice.