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Good job duders on getting the site up and working, pretty smooth all things considered.

I was wondering about the new Coming Up on Giant Bomb tool on the site's time zone awareness.

On the old site the tool was able to automatically display my local time for all of the events, but the new one seems stuck on your local Californian time.

Anyone else noticed this happening?

Is this a bug of feature? It's just that the tool becomes significantly less useful to me when it does not display my local time.


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Mine is still local. Unless they plan to film the next live show at 1 am. (Maybe something at your end?)

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I'm in the same position as the OP, getting San Francisco times instead of Sweden local times.

Using Chrome, Win8. Worked fine on the old website.

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Oh my bad, there is a difference between the live show announcement at the top and the upcoming stuff on the main page. Non-local times there

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Yep same in the Uk hope it is fixed soon don't want to miss any of the epic content live.

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Here in Australia and it's definitely not going by my local time judging by the TNT countdown timer. Also the schedule says 04:00 pm which looks kinda silly.

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There was a thread on the beta forums about the forums not showing local time. Sounded like it was something they didn't have time to implement for launch and may look at in the future. The forums show relative time stamps instead.

I presume it's the same issue for the 'Coming up on Giant Bomb' feature. I asked about that part specifically but didn't get an answer at the time (it was pretty close to the site launch). It's a shame because it is clearly designed to give you at-a-glance schedule information, but instead gives you at-a-glance-and-a-quick-time-calculation schedule information which actually makes quite a difference.

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Same here, but it's not big of a deal and there are much bigger issues right now.

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Yup, just noticed it's showing San Francisco-time instead of good old Sweden-time.