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I think I'm ready to join in on the MOBA fanfare and play either League of Legends or DOTA2, but I can't decide on which. I'm primarily deciding between these two so games like HON aren't something I'm interested in. I initially thought both games were free to play and upon discovering DOTA's $30 price tag, I started downloading LoL.

However, I wanted to know the opinions of the Giant Bomb community and whether I should jump ship after playing with LoL for a little while. From what I hear, DOTA seems more complex and a bit harder to get into. However, I love the look of it (I have a beefy rig) and the lack of micro-transactions is definitely a plus. What do those who have played both think?

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DOTA2 for the community, played a bit of LoL and since I was a new player learning the ropes I, predictably, didn't play well. The reactions of the rest of the lobby was such that I never played it again.

Valve have also said they plan on supporting DOTA2 in a big way, with new champions coming out regularly with no Micro-transactions. So I'm throwing my hat into DOTA2's corner.

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I've played both, LoL is a better game, just turn off chat, there is nothing in it you'll need to see at least until you hit 30.

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LoL is easier to learn but dota 2 has everything open to you right off.

LoL is full of childish idiots and dota 2 is full of elitist pricks...

Your call haha

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The LOL community is...well...fucking horrific. Get ready for death threads up the ass if you fuck up in the slightest.

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Right now DOTA doesn't have an in-game tutorial, so LoL is easier to get into. But in my opinion (i've played considerable amount of both games), DOTA is straight up better game, in both game design and everything around it, like cosmetic stuff and spectator options. I'd say go for DOTA, it's deep and offers much more without any free-to-play bullshit.

And don't pay 30 bucks, invites are really common, i can give you one if you want.

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After 5 games I've already had a Russian child curse me out and 3 AFKers. Can't say it has really been a very good time. This doesn't really make me want to lay down $30 for DOTA2 either. The thing is, I haven't been all that bad. Usually broke even in K/D and took down my fair share of towers.

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I prefer league personally, a more streamlined playstyle that's easier to pick up and learn. Community in both is completely toxic though, you'll need a tough skin if you play either early on but playing with friends or getting the hang of things in ai games on lol will help this massively.

The microtransaction stuff on league can be completely superfluous, the only thing you have to pay cash money for is cosmetic skins, you can buy everything else with in game currency and I played for a whole year before making my first meat-money purchase in the game and have since then thrown alot more money at the game to support it as I enjoy it and their approach to pushing e-sports.

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While the community in League has been getting slightly better lately, it's still completely toxic if your tolerance for childish assholes is low. If you have thick skin it's not that bad, but if you easily get riled up over people being assholes it's probably best to stay away. Though that's pretty much true of any MOBA game.

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@shadowwolf9 said:

After 5 games I've already had a Russian child curse me out and 3 AFKers. Can't say it has really been a very good time. This doesn't really make me want to lay down $30 for DOTA2 either. The thing is, I haven't been all that bad. Usually broke even in K/D and took down my fair share of towers.

I suggest you try and get over the level 10 barrier first, a lot of the "low level" players are actually lvl 30's on a 2nd account. And they expect the same results that they would get from a lvl 30 team with 1500 matches between them.

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@shadowwolf9: I have an invite for DOTA2, PM me your Steam ID if you want it.

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Yep , I would also suggest breaking the level 10 mark in LoL so you get into the next tier and less 2nd accounts... by far the 20-29 bracket was the most fun for me but that was long long ago :(

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@bellmont42 said:

Yep , I would also suggest breaking the level 10 mark in LoL so you get into the next tier and less 2nd accounts... by far the 20-29 bracket was the most fun for me but that was long long ago :(

Somewhere deep inside, we all wish we were lvl 29. Slowly dying after 30...

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LoL. The majority of the people that play it might be complete assholes at times but you can find some awsome people on it. Also playing with friends is way better then playing with random people so if you have some friends that play LoL you'll have a better time with it. If you do go with LoL my advice to you is just don't worry with people say, people will always be assholes so don't let them bother you.

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League is easier for newcomers. It's a good start.

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LoL is easier to play, but its a worse game all in all.

Just go for Dota 2 from the start and skip the crap, its gonna take you 100 games to get the basics right though. Try and find one part of the game and focus on doing that well, dont go mid and think you can carry from the getgo, start with supporting with wards and the like and take a more passive role and you should find games are more enjoyable and less listening to whine in the beginning. :)

Also, if you want Dota 2 I can invite you for free, just send me a PM, I got 4 invites that I cant get rid of.

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Id say either one, but get people to play with that you can talk to. It makes all the difference and will make the shitty communities a non-factor.

#18 Posted by Fistoh (133 posts) -

I think that DOTA 2 is a much deeper,  rewarding and generally more fun game, but it's WAY more tough. They're both fine, though. The communities for both are horrid, but I've found the best way to combat that is to be sarcastic and condescending toward people who call you out. If you keep playing, you'll eventually get the rare soul who notices the fault in how you're playing and try to help you in any way they can, and I just feel fantastic when I see those people. 

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DotA 2.

It's just straight up a better game, run by a better company, with a better business strategy. You might as well start with the "harder" game because, let's be real here, you'll pick up so many bad habits from League that it's unbelievable. And ARTS games aren't hard to begin with. There's just a bunch of tiny shit you'll need to pick up on, that you will by osmosis.

Just... expect there to be growing pains. ARTS games are like Morpheus teaching Neo how to jump. Everybody falls their first time. First... dozen... times.

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Also, DotA 2 doesn't cost 30 bucks.

It costs 30 bucks if you don't have a beta invite, and want to buy a "starter" pack of cosmetic bullshit. It's completely free if you have an invite or feel like waiting until they've released all the heroes and get a tutorial in there and release it "for real".

Y'know how easy it is to get a beta invite? Those things grow on TREES. Shit, give me 2 minutes and a Steam name and you'll have an invite.

#21 Posted by shadowwolf9 (182 posts) -

Thanks, guys. was nice enough to give me an invite so he beat you to it! Anyway, I've played a few more matches, favoring a melee champion instead. My experience has been way better, but it may be because I surpassed the re-rollers. I just went 14-0 in a pretty big win. Definitely more fun when you get the hang of a character's mechanics.

I'll definitely give DOTA2 a go asap. I love the look of it and I'd much rather be running through Steam.

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I tried to play DotA2 but compared to LoL it felt like my characters were fighting through molasses. DotA was built around WCIII, a game paced with the expectation that players would be simultaneously building a base, balancing an economy, and controlling multiple squads of soldiers. I can't help but notice some of that legacy lingering on in DotA2.

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I... I want an invite you guys

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League of Legends only if you turn off chat. Even playing co-op bot games when I was just trying it out there were a lot of terrible people. There's the generally unpleasant type who claims everyone else is garbage while being 2 levels below and like 5 creep kills, the tryhard guy who pings the map more than plays the game, the drill sergeant (often also the tryhard guy) who tells everyone else what to do while doing nothing themselves, then the people that I actually like that just play the game and don't care whether they win or lose. 
I haven't played DOTA 2 as much but it seems better overall, though way more complex. 
You could always just play SC2 and bask in everyone's misery.

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There's such a hideous amount of depth to the moba genre that it's likely both games will simply overwhelm you for the first few hundred hours. If people tell you dota 2 is harder to learn, fuck it, challenge accepted.

#26 Posted by Little_Socrates (5834 posts) -

If you're playing the "cooperative mode" of LoL, people tend not to be the Aggro-Crag itself. But I agree that the community isn't especially nice.

Instead of playing with randoms, maybe ask a few people on GB to play with you while you learn the ropes? I don't really play myself, but I tend to play with my friends whenever I feel the spirit.

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@StarvingGamer: That is specifically for the ease of transition of the competitive teams. Just a week ago there was a huge WCIII DotA tounament at the World Cyber Games in China. Valve wants things like character movement, animation to feel the same, and even look the same so someone who has played WCIII DotA for 10 years can look at Dota 2 and recognize heroes and skills without relearning the whole game.

@shadowwolf9: In terms of comparing the games, Dota could be considered the 'harder' game. LoL is specifically designed to be easier to pick up and simpler to understand. One of the design concepts for the game is to remove the burden of knowledge. This makes the game easier to get into, but mostly leads to heroes and skill sets that have much less diversity and unique ideas to them. When you first start playing Dota you are going to die a bunch and probably not know why for a while. Dota also has a lot more systems at play and makes you consider your movements and decisions more, and punishes you harder for mistakes. If you're having some trouble playing Dota here's a great guide written by Purge, a big community member and streamer: Welcome to Dota, You Suck

Both are fine games, I've played Dota for almost a decade and have trouble enjoying LoL, but that's just me. Also, both communities have some really vile people in the, but for now Dota seems to be generally better because of the beta status at least fending off some of the worst. At the same time, if you are into the E-sports thing, the communities following that side will always be TONS better. The for fun set up games I've played with pros and streamers are some of the most fun I've had playing the game, I'm sure it's the same way with LoL. Also, play with as many friends at the same time as possible, playing with a 5 stack of guys you know leads all sorts of dumb and awesome stuff.

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The first 5 levels are always the fucking worst. A lot of people who already hit lvl30 create smurf accounts to fuck around or god knows what. I personally prefer League of Legends over DotA2, but I only ever play with at least two other friends. Never less. Makes it much better.

#29 Posted by CyRox (4 posts) -

Hi, firstly sorry for bumping an old thread! However, i cam across this thread whilst doing some research on MOBA's. A lot like the OP i have decided to get into a MOBA and think i am set on DOTA 2. If anyone is kind enough to pm me an invite, that would be much appreciated. :)

#30 Posted by flasaltine (1855 posts) -

Dota 2. You don't want to hinder yourself by being in the LoL mindset when you switch to the much superior Dota 2.

#31 Posted by TheFreepie (90 posts) -

One thing to keep in mind, you'll have a hard time playing BOTH. So when you make a choice and have invested some time into it you'll probably have to stick or start from scratch. Just something to bear in mind

#32 Posted by Bistromath (692 posts) -

Dota 2 is the only correct answer.

#33 Posted by BamurDeadd (73 posts) -

Having tried DOTA 2 and am an LoL Player and I think it's more a question of what you feel is the game that has the best visuals/champions for you. Both Moba games have a negative side to them that you'll have to overcome and I don't think either is more noob friendly then the other, save for the short tutorial that LoL brings. Becoming a good player is more about learning 1 role and a few champs that support that role and knowing your boundries, in the beginning anyway. Garen Top, anyone?

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Isn't this a perfect moment for a LoL bootcamp btw? Starting up games with fellow Giantbombers and showing new players the ropes? *puts on thinking-cap*

#35 Posted by CheapPoison (829 posts) -

Lol is easier, but i think there is no reason to not just jump of the deep end and jump into Dota 2.

I feel that is already in a way better state then lol is and has a way better free to play model. Ofcourse that games are different enough that you might have a strong preference so maybe try em both they are free to play (Kinda, I only feel dota is truly free to play)

#36 Posted by CyRox (4 posts) -

if anyone has a key, pls send on steam to http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197980188154

woud be great as i really want to play this ^_^

#37 Posted by Sammo21 (4216 posts) -

I think LoL has one of the worst communities I've seen in PC gaming right now. That's just my personal opinion based on every encounter I've had in that game. DOTA2 has been fine though I haven't played it nearly as much as LoL. I'd say go with DOTA2.

#38 Posted by GuerillaTaktics (4 posts) -

Hey just curious if any of you guys or anyone still has an available invite although I know its been a while. I just started playing dota 2 and love it my girlfriend who is also a gamer wants to play with me but we are broke and I already paid 30 so I could play. If anyone could help me or tell me how to get her an invite I would appreciate it.

Thanks guys, Quentin

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@guerillataktics: there is a thread on here somewhere that is a DOTA 2 key giveaway thread so look in there.

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I started with LoL, played that for a few minutes, saw the community and went "nope"
DOTA2 community is no better though, but at least I expect that sort of behavior from Valve fanboys (The elitis attitude)

But I'm still having the most fun in Smite.
Mostly because of the different modes (ARAM, Arena, all kinds of funky nonsense. Also, Thor is wearing a heavy armor from Tribes. That's kinda cool)

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I started with DOTA 2, I actually think I'm better off because of that too, DOTA is a little more complex than LoL so starting of with DOTA means you can (somewhat) easily transfer over to LoL and understand all the mechanics. I feel DOTA is more rewarding of a game personally as well but both are solid MOBA's so its really up to personal preference. As a note all of DOTA's characters are free while in LoL some of the characters are free at certain times and they rotate free characters often, you can pay to permanently unlock a character though (or spend hours upon hours of gametime earning enough coins to buy a character).

Anyways to bring in a terrible joke my friend told me... *ahem* so a DOTA player and a LoL player walk into a bar, Dota player says "LoL sucks," the L:ol player couldn't deny.

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Dota 2. In my experience there's usually a better ratio of friendly people to assholes in most games as compared to LOL.

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Dota 2. In my experience there's usually a better ratio of friendly people to assholes in most games as compared to LOL.

#44 Posted by President_Barackbar (3522 posts) -

I haven't played Dota 2, but I can say that the LoL community is in a much better place now than it was a year ago. You'll still get your fair share of assholes, but their Player Behavior division has been doing some great work coming up with systems to make the game less of an asshole fest. As for which one is better, I can't say, but I can offer this advice: LoL is a game specifically designed to be easier to get into and have less obscure gameplay, Dota 2 is a game designed as a sequel to the original mod. Dota 2 tries to teach new players about the obscurities, while LoL cuts out the obscurities.

#45 Posted by Chibithor (584 posts) -

I think Dota 2 is an easier game to get into than LoL. It's been a while since I tried it, but last I checked targeting someone else does not show their skills in LoL which makes it much harder to learn as you play along. In Dota I read a guide on the basics and jumped in to matchmaking without problems after picking a hero and reading their skills. In LoL (after playing Dota 2 for a while) I was just confused because I had no idea what anyone could do. Plus, you only need to know the very basics to get by in the beginner level matchmaking, which really aren't that hard.

#46 Posted by HelicopterSpy (164 posts) -

I don't think Dota 2 is any harder than League. I've played like 20 matches of Dota 2 and hundreds in LoL, so maybe I'm biased, but I think the champs and their powers are just more interesting in League. I don't have the biggest champ pool, but I really really like the ones I play. Dota 2 has a lot of really interesting stuff that when you get a handle on it, it's super satisfying, but I just haven't found a hero that I love. League is more streamlined because it's completely unencumbered by the fact that it started as a mod for an RTS, I feel like there are still some weird hold overs from those times in Dota 2.

What I'm trying to say is you really can't go wrong, they're both really cool games once you get to know them.

#48 Posted by HelicopterSpy (164 posts) -

But I'm still having the most fun in Smite.

Mostly because of the different modes (ARAM, Arena, all kinds of funky nonsense. Also, Thor is wearing a heavy armor from Tribes. That's kinda cool)

They added ARAM matchmaking to LoL last week. It's bananas. It's a ton of fun and no one really cares what you do, but beginners SHOULD NOT start there, you'll learn too many bad habits.

#49 Posted by C2C (889 posts) -

So being a person who plays both on a somewhat regular basis, I can honestly say that LoL will probably be easier as far as learning the mechanics of a MOBA. However do not base your decision off of which will be easier to get into.

At this point, you can probably find a key for Dota 2 for free so you don't need to pay to get in. With Dota 2, you begin with everything. All the characters are unlocked from the get go and your level is not attached to anything in-game aside from matchmaking. You don't have to slowly ramp up to having a selection of champions and abilities like you do in LoL. This is also a negative as well for some people because it might be too much to take in at one time.

LoL is better at trickling down the champion pool so that beginners get to know what is going on a bit easier. I also think the tutorials are a smidgen bit better than they are in Dota 2 for people absolutely new to the genre. They are by no means a great tutorials, but they get the job done. LoL also has a bit more variety than Dota 2 as far as maps are concerned. There is a 3v3 map, a single lane map which makes you pick a random champion, and a sorta capture the flag map. Unlocking everything in LoL is however, a time consuming endeavor if your not gonna pay money for it. Some of those unlocks also make it so you are indirectly more powerful in the game as well, which understandably rubs some people the wrong way.

Regardless, both are fun games and are different enough to cater to different tastes. I recommend buddying up with some friends on whichever game you choose though; it makes it more fun, and is in my opinion the way those games should be played.

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