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Worlds start today at 3:00 est. Anyone gonna watch? Who ya rooting for? Im hopin TSM plays well, but I'm real interested in how Cloud 9 does against these eu and asian teams.

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I'm pretty excited for it! And yeah definitely rooting for TSM buuuuuut let's be realistic here...I don't have too much faith that they'll get very far. I'm really curious to see how far Vulcun and C9 make it too. EU teams are not really on my radar, but as for the Asian teams Ozone is my favorite of the ones who've made it.

Really hoping to see some new strategies and unique champ picks. Trundle, Rengar, and Nidalee would be so much fun to watch in the hands of some of the top teams.

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We all about the Doto here on Giant Bomb

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We all about the Doto here on Giant Bomb

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I'm rooting for TSM even though they don't really stand a chance lol.

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Oh not at all...but its nice they go that first win. Id be happy to see an NA team do well so realistically C9 looks to be the best chance at that.

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UberDanger, Duck Army? :)

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Thought this was going to be about a new LoL MMO, I am disappointed.

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I thought it was the LoL stand alone adventure game some keep hinting about. So what is this exactly?