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Would any London duders be up for a meetup where we can share a toast in honour of Ryan? I saw lots get-togethers being organised on boards for different places in the US and thought it would be nice to have one local, too.

Just gauging interest right now so I don't have a location, date, time, etc. Those things can be decided based on whatever suits people best. I would say that weekdays might be a better time because any place we go to would probably be less busy then.

Current Plan

Location: Earl of Essex | Date: Monday 22nd July | Time: 6pm onwards

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Depends on location but I'm down for that

#3 Posted by Tylea002 (2295 posts) -

Hell yeah. Let's go to the south bank or something super dumb.

#4 Posted by rawrsair (821 posts) -

Sounds cool, i'll come if i'm around

#5 Posted by Adrian79 (174 posts) -

Sounds good, I'm in Essex so not far away. Hopefully we can get something going.

#6 Posted by CarpetRemnant (375 posts) -

Unlikely to get there from Sheffield, but I'll be there in spirit (chiefly, whisky)

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A great location would be Meltdown London, its a gaming bar (Esports bar to be precise). Could be a ton of fun

#8 Posted by Blainplum (2 posts) -

I'm in Aberdeen, but once more details are out (assuming this happens) I'd do my damn hardest to get down!

#9 Posted by metal_mad (26 posts) -

Yeah i'd be interested depending on date and location

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I'm a bit out from London but if I can get into the city when it's going down, I'd be game

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I'm on the south coast but depending on the date I might pay up to get in to London... though I wouldn't be able to stay too long since the last train leave between 10 and 11.

Unless you want to do one in Brighton. ;)

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I'm in Essex so I could be down with this. Maybe I can bring a flash drive with what's done of the next Bombcast Animated as a sneak peek for you guys.

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I almost managed to attend the other london meet up (not sure if that actually happened or not in the end) but it ended up clashing with a work deadline :/

I'd be up for coming though.

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I live 30mins from Kings Cross, so could meet up in London..!

#16 Posted by FauxNinja (59 posts) -

I'd be down for this, too :)

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There should be a Manchester one. I'd be up for that, but I'm not really qualified to organise it!

#18 Posted by Fattony12000 (7460 posts) -

I'm going to the Eurogamer Expo this year. Although that date is a little while away.

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I live in North London and would be up for raising a pint glass to Ryan's memory with some fellow Giant Bombers...

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I work in London, but don't have a ton of free time right now. Still would be really good to toast to Ryan with some fellow Bombers, so yeah, I'll keep an eye on this thread for the location!

#21 Posted by PrimalHorse (75 posts) -

A bunch of us met up in london last week it was a pretty good time, I'm always down for another!

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@primalhorse: @otacon: @james_hayward: @fauxninja: @vivek: @soap: @lackingsaint: @alistercat: @jensonb: @metal_mad: @mattjam3000: @adrian79: @rawrsair: @tylea002: @sploder:

Looks like there's a fair few people who would want to come so we should start narrowing down specifics, so I need suggestions from you guys.

Date: Wednesday or Thursday are the best options for me but again I'm up for whatever suits the most people.

Time: 6/7/8pm are probably the best times that are not too early or too late.

Location: I'm don't drink so I'm going to have to defer this to someone who's more knowledgeable about pubs and bars, which is most likely where it will be held. @mattjam3000 mention Meltdown London, which has the added bonus of being video game-related, but I'd like other suggestions as well.

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@mracoon: Thursdays are better for me and I don't drink either (well, I have the odd one or two) so I'd be up for anywhere.

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@rawrsair: @mracoon: I don't drink much either, so we're in good company. I'm unemployed, so the day doesn't matter too much to me but work week might not be best... so a good idea to poll those people first to see if they can make it. Could set the arrival between 6 and 8pm, and people can turn up as they please.

It would be great to finally meet some of you and hug out this tragedy.

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I also don't drink. I don't drive either; the only ID I have is an out of date passport, so I'm not the biggest fan of bars. Really I don't mind when and where though, so long as people are there and we get to meet/chat/hang out/reminisce/whatever it is people do. Place/Time less important than the people, I feel for this meet up.

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I'm in Kent, and could definitely be up for something like this. It might be an idea to hold off for a week or so, though: I'm willing to bet that a bunch of duders - and yeah, okay, myself - who're old enough to do the 'bar' thing are probably still in education, so the school holidays'll mean a lot more people can find time to go.

#27 Posted by mracoon (4972 posts) -

I read this article today on Eurogamer and the arcade they talk about could be a cool place to meet up. And if people did want to get drinks they could always go somewhere else afterwards.

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I would totally have been up for this, but I haven't moved to Oxford yet.

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@mattjam3000 said:

A great location would be Meltdown London, its a gaming bar (Esports bar to be precise). Could be a ton of fun

I dunno if that suits the occasion, and I'm pretty sure Ryan would have fucking hated going anywhere near that place!

I'd say find a decent pub somewhere central, preferably somewhere with a garden seeing as the weather is so nice. It also depends when you want to do it, as during the week the central pubs tend to fill up super fast once you hit 5pm. I'd recommend somewhere like The Albany, which is right next to Regents park (Great Portland Street tube is closer though). They do decent beer, it's nice and central (but not TOO central), and if people want to go to the park before/after then that's just across the road.

Alternatively the Earl Of Essex has a great beer garden (voted one of the best in London) and it's round the corner from Angel - off the main road so it doesn't get crazy busy. They have got a fantastic selection of beers. It's a bit smaller though, but you should be OK.

If you want to head a little bit further north to get out of the central bustle, then go to the Faltering Fullback, up by Finsbury Park. The Beer garden is amazing (it's like a maze, on the roof) and it's also massive so if 20 people show up that won't be a problem.

#30 Posted by Matt (963 posts) -

Two things:

  • Totally down for this
  • Meltdown while cool in concept is just kind of a shitty bar
#31 Posted by Elazul (1327 posts) -

How about we just go to a north London Weatherspoon's, get wankered on cheap, shitty cocktail pitchers and Maker's Mark and then have a good cry in the park? That's pretty much how I usually spend my Thursday night anyway.

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Ok, I'm going to throw out an idea otherwise this is never going to happen. Based on Sweep's suggestions, how about we go to the Earl of Essex on Monday and meet from around 6pm onwards?

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Sounds cool.

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The garden of the Faltering Fullback looks cool as hell!

#35 Posted by Cloudenvy (5891 posts) -

Awww, I just left the UK for a while. Screw you guys. : (

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I'm down for that. I'm down for that HARD.

Unfortunately, I work evenings through this week. FFFFFFFFFFFFF.

Any chance you'll still be there at 10?

#37 Posted by ImBarryLetsParty (2 posts) -

Wow. I actually happen to be in London on vacation right now. Only here till Wednesday, though.

#38 Posted by mracoon (4972 posts) -

@vitor: I'd imagine there might be people staying until then but I can't promise anything.

#39 Posted by mrcraggle (1941 posts) -

Only just saw this thread, is this still going ahead?

#40 Posted by mracoon (4972 posts) -

@mrcraggle: If enough people show interest then yes. I could push it to Tuesday so more people have time to see this thread if they haven't already.

#41 Posted by Matt (963 posts) -

I'm down for the current Monday plan but I can do any day this week too

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Ok then, cool. See you duders tomorrow then I guess. I do live in London though so I'm good for a meet up whenever really.

#43 Posted by Sweep (8872 posts) -

If I'm not in Mumbai, I'll be there.

#44 Posted by dekkadekkadekka (733 posts) -

I just want to point out that Monday is the 22nd.

#45 Posted by mracoon (4972 posts) -

@dekkadekkadekka: oops, good catch.

Ok, looks like we have a decent amount of people coming tomorrow. We can always have another meetup at a later date as well if people want one.

#46 Posted by metal_mad (26 posts) -

Damn i'm working tomorrow and i do long shifts. Hope we can have another meet up at some point. Maybe around Eurogamer expo time?

#47 Posted by DexterKid (668 posts) -

I might show up, can't promise anything.

#48 Posted by LackingSaint (1818 posts) -

Might be able to swing this, i'll see how my day pans out. Either way, have fun chaps and take lots of pictures!

#49 Posted by TyrellOCP (338 posts) -

Sounds cool. See you duders there.

What's the dress code i.e. would it be weird if we all turned up in GB shirts?

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Sounds cool. See you duders there.

What's the dress code i.e. would it be weird if we all turned up in GB shirts?

I was actually thinking the same thing. I prob won't though. I only have the Lincoln Force t-shirt and I'm not crazy on the design so much now.