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Alright GBers.  It took me a week or so, but I've finally finished putting my list of beaten games on the site.  Just for the record, I already had the long list quest completed, so this was all done for valor.
Anyone else have any similar lists?  I've seen several "beaten this year" and a couple fellow "all my games ever", but so far nothing over 200.  Share your lengthy lists!

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I just recommended your list, impressive stuff! But you've still got a while to go if you ever plan on beating the VKG ;) 
Edit: here's the list: Video_Game_King's beaten games!

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Nice list, I've probably only played about 30 out of those :o

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Shameless update:  http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/seraphim84/every-game-ive-beaten-that-i-remember/46-44077/

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Yeah but almost no one else puts effort in the list they're making as much as Seraphim. Although it's smaller it's still big as fuck in its own right and the little comment in each game makes the list infinitely more fun to have a look at than any of those in my opinion. What's the fun in scrolling through a bunch of images of games?

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@gonzab: Well thank you.  I just wanted to show what each game meant (or didn't mean, as the case may be) to me.  There have been some really awful games that I have indelible memories about in both the good and bad ways.