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#1 Posted by Unilad (582 posts) -

Mines a little unimpressive.....only 9 hours straight on the standard GTA day release.

How about you guys...whats the longest you ever 'marathoned' a game ?

I know guys who played 12 hours straight on FIFA Soccer....what the fuck?!

#2 Posted by killacam (1280 posts) -

when god of war first came out, my friend and i rented it and were so blown away we ended up staying up all night, beating it in one sitting. it became a tradition that we followed for the next two. so, 14 hours or so, i guess.

#3 Posted by yinstarrunner (1249 posts) -

I'm pretty sure i played KOTOR 2 for 18 hours straight when i got it for Christmas one year. These days, I can't play the same game for more than an hour or so before i need to do something else.

#4 Posted by forkboy (1201 posts) -

@Unilad said:

Mines a little unimpressive.....only 9 hours straight on the standard GTA day release.

How about you guys...whats the longest you ever 'marathoned' a game ?

I know guys who played 12 hours straight on FIFA Soccer....what the fuck?!

On my study leave during exam time back in High School a friend would come around at about 10am & go home at 5pm, back again at 6pm for another 4 hours. Technically we were meant to be studying, but instead we played ISS: Pro Evolution 2. So that's 11 hours in one day over the course of five consecutive days, but there was a break for dinner in that.

But if we're talking about just straight up gaming sesion without any real break then I'm pretty sure I've had several sessions of Football Manager & Civilisation over the many iterations where I'd start playing on a weekend when I get up & don't stop paying until 3 or 4 in the morning. These sort of games I can just get lost in for ages. Europa Universalis 3 is another one I could easily lose 12 hours on.

#5 Posted by Imsorrymsjackson (853 posts) -

Halo, original Xbox LAN linkup with 4 teams, the living room lager louts, the kitchen kaos factor, the Garage gangbangers and the spare bedroom suckfucks. 48 hours due to my parents being away for a week so we just turned the house into a lan, beer, ciggarette and pizza binge.

#6 Posted by AhmadMetallic (18954 posts) -

like 7 years ago, played Soldier of Fortune with my then-best friend from 5 pm to 5 am and beat it. No breaks. Food and a heater beside us. Rain outside. Yeeeaaaaahhhh!

#7 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8061 posts) -

Not very long

#8 Posted by Dagbiker (6978 posts) -

When i was younger, like 4-5 i would play Super Mario 3 from sun up till sun down on my week ends.

#9 Edited by BonOrbitz (2300 posts) -

12 straight hours of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on December 5, 2006. Work was called off because of a snow day. I think second longest was playing Wii Sports for 10 hours the day I got the Wii in '06 and then Halo 2 with friends back in '05.

#10 Posted by GunstarRed (5548 posts) -

Final Fantasy VII. Three days straight. A lot of Chocobo fucking/racing happened. Got Knights of the round. collapsed from tiredness.

#11 Posted by nintendoeats (5975 posts) -

Me and a friend played through all of Resident Evil 5 in one sitting.

#12 Posted by Napalm (9020 posts) -

I just did Max Payne 3 in about nine hours on Tuesday since I was off work.

#13 Posted by mosespippy (4594 posts) -

About 14 hours of Tony Hawk Underground when me and a buddy rented it once. I don't normally go over 4 anymore. When I was younger I'd do 6 to 8 at a time all the time. I remember November 2006 being pretty hardcore with FFXII and GTA VCS coming out on Oct 31. I had 100 hours of GTA and 200 hours of FFXII done by Nov 31, so that was almost 10 hours a day for the entire month.

#14 Posted by Salarn (469 posts) -

Not that often, but I do enjoy the odd marathon. Last was 16 hours for cataclysm.

It is hard to do when as you get older.

#15 Posted by Winternet (8082 posts) -

I never counted so I can't tell for sure, but I never missed a meal so it can't be longer than 10 hours. Games? Well, Civilization would be at the top. RTS games, like Age of Empires or Warcraft. Sports/Racing games.

#16 Posted by JTB123 (1044 posts) -

I played RE4 for a solid 17 hours when I first got it, I played Halo Reach for about the same too after getting it at midnight.

#17 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6789 posts) -

18ish hours one day in WoW I think. Those days are far behind me now...

#18 Posted by xaLieNxGrEyx (2605 posts) -

There's a dude on twitch who plays the MGS games through seemingly non stop. Cutscenes included.

#19 Posted by Creamypies (4097 posts) -

Pretty sure I played the second KOTOR for about 15 hours straight.

#20 Posted by BombcastGoldthwait (250 posts) -

I played Fallout 3 for around 14 hours and some change.

#21 Posted by EarlessShrimp (1681 posts) -

When The Darkness came out... I think I finished it in one sitting.... well, I stopped to pee, eat, and pee and eat...

#22 Posted by phrosnite (3518 posts) -

14-15 hours of DotA in a gaming/internet cafe. I've done it 2 or 3 times.

#23 Edited by Socialone (202 posts) -

I played 13 hours of Diablo III over the 3 days, beat that.

#24 Posted by PDXSonic (121 posts) -

I don't think I've had any incredibly long gaming marathon, but I'll throw down 4-6 hours somewhat frequently (with some breaks thrown in).

#25 Posted by wemibelec90 (1887 posts) -

I don't like sitting still for that long anymore and usually get up every hour or two. Also, I like to play a bunch of different things in a day to mix things up, so I don't usually play one game all day. I have done it occasionally though.

I can think of two instances. The day Batman: Arkham City came out, I ended up playing through the whole thing in about 12 hours, surprising myself for sitting down and doing the whole thing. The other I can recall was the release of Wrath of the Lich King. For the two or three days around its release, I probably put in 12-14 hours a day on it trying to get to 80 as fast as possible.

#26 Posted by SockemJetpack (412 posts) -

I spent a good chunk of one summer playing FF7 for 12-18 hour marathons. I ended up being the support line for someone at my school for hints on breeding Chocobos. All of a sudden I would get a call from this guy. "Hey Dom. Where do you find Carob nuts again?"

Should of charged him 3 dollars a minute for that.

#27 Posted by PenguinDust (12668 posts) -

16 hours back when I played WOW. I'd start on Friday, play until 1 or 2 AM, sleep a few hours then play 16 hours on Saturday, then sleep and play for another 8 or so on Sunday. Yeah, I quit that game.

#28 Posted by Demoskinos (15300 posts) -

I played 24 hours of Donkey Kong Country 64 once. Yeah, I know....I know.... of all the games to play for a day straight I picked fucking Donkey Kong. But I was young and stupid so I mostly forgive myself for it.

#29 Posted by Sbaitso (566 posts) -

I played all the MGS games through nOn stop on my first playthroughs of them. Longest one was MGS3 which I played for something like 32 hours. MGS only took me about 12 and MGS2 took around 18 or so, but I play those games pretty slow, especially 3.

#30 Posted by InternetCrab (1504 posts) -

I remember me and 3 other friends were so hyped for Starcraft II, that when it was released we stayed up for about 21 hours. Just playing SC II. Really good times.

#31 Posted by Giglionaire (5 posts) -

Played the first assassins creed in one sitting, so that was maybe 14 hours. Then MGS4 in one sitting, dont remeber how long that was. Beat Red Dead Redemption in 3 days, and then i don't even want to try and remember how much of my life WoW and the Persona series took.

#32 Posted by mandude (2666 posts) -

Holy shit, I could not even count. Most recently I played about 22 hours of Mount & Blade after someone here recommended it. I only stopped to sleep, and upon reawakening, I continued to play it.

Morrowind and Oblivion got a solid 14 hours a day from me for a few weeks until I completed them. These figures wouldn't be so low if sleep and work were not factors.

#33 Posted by GoofyGoober (933 posts) -

F.E.A.R, use to go on 10 hour online binges back when it first came out on the 360. I beat Heavenly sword in one 7 hour sitting when I got it.

#34 Posted by wefwefasdf (6729 posts) -

A little over 24 hours because of a Halo 3 LAN with friends plus picking up Halo 3: ODST at the midnight launch and playing it all of the way through.

#35 Edited by believer258 (12326 posts) -

I've beaten Halo 3 with my brother in one sitting before. Good times. We also spent all day playing the first one on Legendary before, but that was a while ago and we had breaks.

Anyway, longest non-stop gaming session save for the occasional pee and Cheez-It breaks? Dragon Age Origins. I had almost given up on the game, but I decided to roll a new character when I woke up real early one Saturday morning. So I had breakfast and made a new mage, and spent from about 8:00 AM to about 2:00 AM the next day playing it. Note that this includes getting up every now and then, but never for more than ten minutes or so.

Other than that? Nothing. I can't think of a single game I've played, non-stop, for longer than that. These days, I generally only play for two hours at most before I get up and do something else for a little while, but I do play games at least once a day, every day.

Damn, if in those middle school days I'd had the same number of games as I do now, every day would have been an infinite gaming session.

#36 Posted by KillyDarko (1888 posts) -

I think perhaps Championship Manager 2 with my cousin, when we were kids-- around 12h... maybe?

#37 Posted by frankfartmouth (1020 posts) -

Probably when FF7 came out. I remember I started playing it in the early afternoon and didn't stop until after sunrise the next morning, so somewhere around 16-17 hours on that one.

God of War was another one. Rented it with a group of friends in the morning and didn't stop until we beat it that night, maybe 12 or 13 on that one.

Some of the Mortal Kombat 3 sessions on SNES between me and my friends went on about that long or longer, but I wasn't playing the whole time, so maybe that doesn't count.

#38 Posted by Sayishere (1841 posts) -

Hmm, any mmo I played really would end up being like a whole weekend lol, war, wow, swg, aoc

#39 Posted by DJ_EuroGhost (131 posts) -

@BombcastGoldthwait said:

I played Fallout 3 for around 14 hours and some change.

In one sitting my longest marathon is also Fallout 3, embarrassingly, mine was nine hours longer than yours xD

#40 Posted by BulletproofMonk (2739 posts) -

I did quite a few marathons when I first got into Diablo 2, but I don't think I ever went 10+ hours.

#41 Posted by jimbofletcher (12 posts) -

mines pretty crap like 2 hours basically never done 1 i prefer doing outdoor stuff

#42 Posted by KaneRobot (1932 posts) -

Yeah, mine isn't overly impressive. Friend and I went through Actraiser in 1 sitting (which was well under 10 hours), usually trading off between SimCity parts and action parts. Only reason we did it was because we saw an ad in a magazine that said something like "we bet you can't beat this game before the year is over." Yeah, that wasn't much of a challenge.

#43 Edited by Sooty (8082 posts) -

Cataclysm launch - 72 hours

I could have died. I think I fell asleep for 3 hours during that, I just know my Raptr profile came up with a 'Came up for air after 72 hours of...'

#44 Posted by Ninja_Welshman (501 posts) -

Did a 12 hour stint on Elite 2 Frontier on the Amiga back in the day. Loved that game! Remember some pretty long multiplayer sessions on Bad Company 1 and COD 4 but nothing as high as that.

#45 Posted by ShaneDev (1696 posts) -

I got a PS3 and MGS4 on a Friday morning and played it until half 3 in the morning and then played it early Saturday until about 8 o clock when I finished it. It totally wrecked me and I really shouldn't have done it but it was a pretty good game. That is the only really specific one I can remember but I played really long stretches of Halo and GTA in the past.

#46 Posted by Scrawnto (2472 posts) -

I beat Tales of Symphonia with a few friends in a single weekend. I'm not sure how long we went without taking a break though.

#47 Posted by aquamarin (555 posts) -

Played about 23 hours straight of cross-realm battlegrounds in WoW when I first discovered premade groups to farm honor points. Started 10am one Saturday then collapsed at 9am on sunday (that one really sticks with me). Pretty sure I did that at least once more with battlegrounds trying to gear out a toon in a day, and something similar leveling a character class I really wanted trying to beat a personal leveling record or something like that.

#48 Posted by UitDeToekomst (762 posts) -

I don't think I've ever done more than about 6 hours or so. Most likely one or more of the Civ games. Maybe X-Com.

#49 Posted by pyromagnestir (4344 posts) -

Pulled an overnight-er playing Mass Effect 2. 20 hours perhaps. The only breaks I took were to walk the dog and make tea and breakfast. Only time I've ever done that, or anything close to that. Don't usually go past normal waking hours playing a game.

#50 Posted by sashimi_biscut (98 posts) -

I did a 3 day gaming binge of ME3 when it first came out. I regret caring that much after seeing the ending.