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THEATRHYTHM Final Fantasy has been a whole ton of fun. I'm really enjoying it but I'm finding the RPG elements a little... basic/nonessential.

So I guess I'm looking for similar games to Theatrhythm, with the following features:

-Amazing music

-twitch/skill based gameplay (rhythm games are the first to come to mind, though I think this could include the likes of Rez, DYAD, etc. as well)

-RPG mechanics: having characters or skills level up is always a nice touch

I've played a little bit of Sequence, but to be honest I found it a little sterile.. the music didn't really grab me either.

A lot of the Bit Trip games nail music and skill based rhythm games, but lacks the RPG elements.. Any other suggestions?

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Sequence was all I had. I thought it was a neat little game. It's a great idea, I'd like to see someone go all-out with it.

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TWEWY, in a sense.

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Nothing comes to mind, sorry. I'm having a hard time even figuring out how to tie RPG elements into a rhythm game effectively.

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Theatrhythym is pretty great. I can't really think of any games much like it. Too bad.

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My Sequence experience was messed up. The controls were janky and the rhythm didn't match the music.

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I was gonna say Patapon but it's already been said and I don't think the music is great.

Cave Story has decent music, RPG elements and requires skill but I'm not sure it is what you are looking for.

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Shadow Hearts' judgment ring system requires a bit of skill and rhythm to master. It doesn't hurt that the surrounding game is pretty great as well.