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I recently watched the trailer for Enemy Starfighter and got re-excited about space combat sims again. The Freespace games are one of my favorite series of all time. So, needless to say, I want to play a space combat sim again. However, searching the majestic interwebs for a modern space combat sim that is out is proving to be more difficult than I thought.

Obviously, I decided to turn to the GB community as it is filled with extremely knowledgeable people. Does anybody have any suggestions for modern day (read: recently released) space combat simulation games?

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Might I recommend Acclaim's Dave Lang's Space Jam?

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I don't believe there has been a recent release outside of the X series and I wouldn't consider any of those games to be suitable as a combat sim.

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Try the X series out, they're still making entries in the series and the latest one is called Albion Prelude.

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Check out Freespace's various mods/campaigns at http://www.hard-light.net/. It'll prolong the life of space sims for you. There's also Starlancer, Freelancer. Tachyon The Fringe. Wing Commander Series.

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I really enjoy Evochron Mercenary. There are a lot of different options for how to play and contribute to the game universe. It is constantly being updated, and each update will usually have new content as well. I also found it not as hard as the X Series.

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Wings of Saint Nazaire is supposedly coming out soon, I think. It's a new space shooter made in the same style as the first two Wing Commander's, with sprite based graphics. What I've seen of it so far looks fantastic.

GOG has a few that are worth playing, even though they are getting old - obviously the Freespace series, but the somewhat lesser known Independence War series is fantastic as well (Independence War 2 also has decent support for modern hardware and HD resolutions, though the textures are pretty damn blurry, and it's pretty hard to manually configure the controls), focusing on large capital ships instead of WWII (or Star Wars/BSG) style fighter ships. Also, IW2 has a weirdly modern regenerating health system, which I think works pretty well for that kind of game.

Independence War II, 2001

I think the Strike Suit series is pretty OK too, especially Strike Suit Zero after they patched in cockpit mode, and I really like Evochron Mercenary.

There have been a few pretty good free, fan made games as well - most recently Wing Commander Saga, which uses the Freespace 2 engine, and the Babylon 5 themed Babylon 5: I've Found Her (http://ifhgame.ru/).

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It's not out yet, but EVE: Valkyrie was just announced at Gamescom.

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I would try the latest X game. There is a new one coming in November that looks pretty enticing. X Rebirth

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I'll be waiting for X Rebirth and Star Citizen

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I saw X Rebirth at gamescom, and it looks pretty cool.

Of course Star Citizen will probably be awesome, but it will take a while to come out.

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I know it's not the best and it's definitely not as deep as the best of the genre, but Strike Suit Zero is recent and can be gotten for less than 5$ when it goes on sale. It's a bit acradey though. There's some indie title that isn't that great like Dawnstar. Isn't Freespace: Evolution the mod that's considered worthwhile?

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