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Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but can anyone suggest good arcade sticks for fighters for the last gen of consoles?  Any suggestions are welcome but let me know what quality the sticks are (e.g. are they like MadCatz TEs or standards, or low end Horis, etc..)
I have a large collection of fighters for these consoles, but they were mostly collected due to nostalgia for SF2.  I wasn't playing them very seriously and was just using pads.  Between SF2THDR, SF4 and now MvC3, I have the desire to go back and play a lot of them for fun, but have been spoiled by my TE stick with Sanwa parts :P.

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EDIT: As in look on there for popular makes.

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" Ebay.  EDIT: As in look on there for popular makes. "
Unfortunately thats not very helpful as especially for PS2 there are many brands listed on eBay.  Quantity of listings for a specific brand doesn't indicate quality.
It seems from some searches that the licensed DC Agetec stick is the way to go for Dreamcast, but no headway yet on what is a quality stick for PS2 (and less so Xbox).  It would be nice if PS3s were still backwards compatible!
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I would recommend the Hori Real Arcade Pro series. They have PS2 ones. If you want, you can modify your TE with a Toodles Multi Console Cthulu so it can play PS3, PS2, Dreamcast, Xbox 360 (through PS2 and converter or 360 pad hack), etc.

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i use the  Toodles Multi Console Cthulu  on my TE stick and it works great but it does not work for dreamcast unless you use a ps2 to dreamcast converter.
Go to the srk forums buy and sell section and you will find tons of people willing to mod it for you for a price.

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@Thiago123: Well that's me told good sir. I was very tired when I wrote that reply.