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Hey guys, I've been playing through the God of War trilogy for the first time and say what you want about the game itself, I really enjoy the Greek mythology thrown in there. I also really like the look and story of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. So I was just wondering what other games out there deal with Greek mythology and I guess it would be called Cyber Punk? I already plan on getting Syndicate and just really like those two genres but don't know what else is out there that focuses on that look and feel. I don't own a PC capable of running games so games like E.Y.E. and Hard Reset are unfortunately not possible for me to play to get my cyber punk fix. Any help is appreciated!

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Check out Titan Quest on Steam - go for the Gold edition. Its a Diablo-style action RPG.

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It will run even on pretty low end machines...look into it!

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If you're looking for Greek mythology than Persona 3 is for you

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I'll check out Titan's Quest then. And I already have Persona 3 in my backlog, looks like it's time to open that one up. Not the game I was expecting to have Greek mythology though ha.

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Too Human? No wait, that was norse I think...

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I will say as someone not really fond of the Diablo style game play but enjoy Greek mythology Titan Quest was a lot of fun. The game just looks really nice and had great atmosphere.

Another game a low end PC may be able to run is Numen: Contest of Heroes. I think the best comparison of the game is a single player WoW which similar to Titan Quest's game play doesn't appeal to me that much but the Greek mythology made it awesome. I actually like it more than Titan Quest in a lot of ways since it uses a more third person action view for the camera as opposed to the top down view of Titan Quest which allows for more fun exploration/more detailed models/buildings and so on. The story also revolved around the gods and their goals more than Titan Quest did which was pretty neat. Really my only gripe with it is it's buggy so if you aren't quick saving like crazy you could lose a lot of progress from random crashes and bugs.

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@Zenaxzd: I'm downloading the demo right now. Thanks!

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@MB said:

Check out Titan Quest on Steam - go for the Gold edition. Its a Diablo-style action RPG.

This. It is a fun game, has some expansion packs, and at least resembles ancient Greek mythology. I mean, most Greek myth in other games is simply a shallow backdrop for a game to take place in. In Titan Quest you actually feel like you are in the Greek mythological world

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Rygar: The Legendary Adventure should be right up your alley. When making God of War, Santa Monica pretty much just took that game and added quick-time events.
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@Icemael said:

Rygar: The Legendary Adventure should not be right up your alley. When making God of War, Santa Monica pretty much just took that game and made it not suck.

Fixed. Don't play Rygar. Rygar sucks ass.

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@Winternet: Played it, nothing to do with Greek mythology though.

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No, I'm kidding.

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You just said the God of War trilogy. Did you play the two side PSP games? If you don't have a PSP, they're in the God of War Origins Collection on PS3. Both aren't quite as good as the main games but they're still fantastic.

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I haven't played it, but binary domain might be a good console near future game.