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Hey guys! Maybe you can help me track down some new content! In this slower time for GB content, I need something to occupy my time. And I've decided to track down some Let's Plays.

Problem is, I'm super picky about what I like to watch.. the ones I've really really enjoyed are the Endurance Runs here, the Game Informer Super Replays, and the Yahtzee ones with Gabriel.

So what I'm really looking for is semi-professional/professional lets plays with a decent sense of humour (tends to work best with multiple people recording), and dont rely on stupid gimmicks! High-end LPs if you will!

What should I watch?

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This fucking guy:

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This fucking guy is all kinds of amazing.

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Pokecapn's Sonic (the 2006 one) LP is excellent, as well as the others. I can also recommend ChipCheezum, Diabetus & Slowbeef (more for the retsupurae than regular ass LPs). Also KungFuJesus (proteank on YouTube) has a great God Hand let's play. I think those are all SomethingAwful guys but whatever.

Read your request a little better and definitely go with Pokecapn Sonic 06 and KungFuJesus GodHand for good quality with group commentary.

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I watch a lot of HazelNuttyGames' stuff- she just finished a Let's Play of Don't Starve that was pretty informative and enjoyable. There's first impressions videos too if you're into that kind of thing. Funny but not obnoxious.


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Two best friends.

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Something Awful do some awesome LP's, I could keep recommending them for a while but here's just a few:

Sonic 2006 by Pokecapn is hilarious and mind-bogglingly frustrating.

God Hand by Kung-Fu Jesus served as something that both sold me God Hand and showed me how to survive it, one of my favourites.

Fallout by BOrangeFury is a text LP but is a good read. Fallout 2 is great too, and follows someone doing a low-intelligence run and getting to god-tier levels of unarmed combat.

Jurassic Park: Tresspasser by ResearchIndicates. This one is less jokey but surprisingly well-done.

Dungeons and Dragons by... Lots of people. Give this one a shot, even though it's not a video game LP it's table-flipping, paradox-making hilarity a lot of the time.

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Slowbeef and Diabeetus from the something awful forums have some really good ones. You can also check out their youtube channel (Retsupurae) where they make fun of bad LPs and flash games. I'd suggest their Metroid Prime 1-3 LP's and Dead to Right's LP's. I've been following them for years and they have a pretty great sense of humour.

Chip Cheezum and General Ironicus Killer 7, No More Heroes, and Metal Gear Solid 2-4 LP's

Pokecapn's LP of Sonic 2006 (This has been suggested a lot already so you know it's good)

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Read a book.

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I like Vash12349 a lot. He usually does most of his stuff solo, but games with multiplayer he'll play with a friend. I've always enjoyed his sense of humor.

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I've enjoyed Helloween4545's stuff...

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Anything ChipCheezum did with General Ironicus, No More Heroes is my favorite of theirs but most of their LPs together are really good. The current Metal Gear Rising LP has been a lot of fun.


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I was gonna try a LP of system shock 2 but meh.

But again Two best friends are great.

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Someone already mentioned them, but I really enjoy the LPs done by Chip and Ironicus. They are currently going through Metal Gear Rising: Revengence, and Chip did Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, which I enjoyed a ridiculous amount.

I also enjoyed Psychedelic Eyeball's System Shock 2 LP. If you want something more informative and serious, watch his single-player LP. After you watch that (or if you already know System Shock 2), sit back and enjoy the entirely ludicrousSystem Shock 2 Multiplayer LPwhere Psych and two other guys from the SA forums show off just how amazingly broken and buggy the multiplayer is. It's not serious at all, but it is hilarious.

For my horror game LPs, I go to Niggurath (iconoclast187 on youtube). In a world is 4 out of every 5 horror game LPs is some idiot shrieking into his scare-cam, he has a relaxed, informative style that is fun to watch. He is currently doing a Fatal Frame LP, but he's also done a couple of Silent Hills, The Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, and some games I had never heard of like Kuon and Michigan: Report from Hell.

And I just want to re-mention Jurassic Park Trespasser by Research Indicates. It's really well done.

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This fucking guy:

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This fucking guy is all kinds of amazing.

that snake voice is pretty good

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SuperGreatFriend is by far my favorite LPer. And he does a weekly video stream, too.

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Been pretty happy with Necroscope on youtube, found him initially when trying to get a handle on the original x-com games which he gave me plenty of tips. He's done a ton of other classic games & quite interesting to see some of them.

below is part 1 of x-com enemy unknown of his playthrough..

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I enjoy Yahtzee with Gabriel as well. I would have suggested them but you already watch them good choice.

The recent Normality video.....wow....Kunt Kunterson you morally devoid being and booby booby bum bums!

Maybe since we enjoy Yatzhee and Gabe you'd enjoy Game grumps?

I enjoy Game grumps which have a huge backlog. Game grumps was originally Arin Hansen AKA Egoraptor a flash animator for such things as Metal Gear Awsome, the other dude was Jontron who did the Jontron show.....a Angry Video game nerd style of sketch reveiw. It may be basically the same idea as AVGN but his effort and humor is different.

Jon left to actually work on Jontron for once as Game grumps too up much of his time.

So now we Dan with Egoraptor. Dan....is one half of a comedy band called Ninja Sex party.

They also started up a new segment on the channel called Steam train, were Dan and Ross an Aussie from the same place as Gabriel as his accent is alot alike.

A recent Gem for Game Grumps.

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an example of the Jontron days.

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Also to showcase Jontron and Dan if you dont know them. Here is a music video with them.

Dan is the singer and Jon is the beared man.......

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Game grumps even had their first Guest Grumps a few months ago. With the Grant Kirkhope, that did the music for all the old Rare games. Altho...they have not done one since. PS asbolutly funny thanks to Grant and his education of British Swear words.


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Chip and Ironicus are some of the best let's players out there.

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As many others have stated, Chip and Ironicus. Their older LPs are a little more funny and crazy, but their newer LPs are still funny while being incredibly polished and showing off the games the best way possible. I'm upset I found them because now almost everyone else looks really shitty.

[Voidburger's Silent Hill Origins LP, Ambisagarus (sp>) does some decent Legend of Zelda stuff, and Supergreatfriend is just 100% solid)

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OverTheGun: http://overthegun.org/

This guy is the only Let's Player I regularly follow, and the only one I'd feel comfortable recommending to anyone else.

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AlChestBreach is hilarious. He's a oratory genius and comedian of the highest order.

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This is kind of off topic but I heard a long time ago that the pokecapn posse did in game commentary for the Gunstringer? Does anyone know if that made it into the game or if videos of it exist somewhere?

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@citizencoffeecake: I believe quotes from various people involved with video games were put into the loading screens. If I remember right Alex said that when he was playing the game at a preview event he found out he was quoted in the game. I could be totally wrong though, I've never played the game.

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Two Best Friends Play is what you need. They're also fans of the Giant Bomb crew and reference them occasionally in their videos. They also do their own stuff on their channel that isn't edited into short clips.

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Northernlion is my personal fav LPer. He does a lotta different games, but his 500+ episode Let's Play (that's still ongoing) of The Binding of Isaac is what drew me to him.

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