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So I am looking for some pretty good gaming headphones, but I just have one stipulation. They need to be universal. I'm looking for some headphones that will work with my xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Any suggestions would be much appreciated, and anything above $200 is probably pushing it. The absolute most I will pay is $250, but that is for some quality headphones.

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I personally have the astro a50 wireless headset, but those will run you about $299. The a40s are the wired version which will set you back $249. They're universal and they're the best sounding/most comfortable headsets I've ever used.

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Do you want a silly gamerdude headset or do you want actual headphones? Headphones will be much better value and will sound a lot better, and you won't look like a berk wearing them, than a gaming headset?

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No I mean a gaming headset with a mic and everything. Sorry for the confusion.

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Astro A40s or Astro A50s are the only way to go. Way higher quality headphones than 99% of the people with dedicated headphones, and it comes with the mic built in plus the MixAmp to merge and manage all your various inputs and outputs (works with PC, PS3, and Xbox at the same time).

I prefer the A40s due to being wired, but the A50s are wireless if you like that sort of thing. The A40s are what you always see Patrick wearing. I've had mine about a year and they're easily the best option.

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I don't think these work for the 360 or PS3 so I'm not being very helpful but the Logitech G35 headphones for PC are amazing. The sound is brilliant and cost $130 but again not 100% what you were looking for...more like 33%.

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A50's best money i have spent in a long time.

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For gaming, the best simulated surround comes in this order:

  1. A creative sound card that uses CMSS-3D with a nice pair of headphones. This is the best sounding and most accurate way to experience headphone surround but you are limited to using a PC.
  2. Astro Mixamp Pro with a great set of headphones.
  3. A40's or A50's

The A50's are probably your best bet as far as an all in one unit is concerned. My only concern though has to do with whether spending that kind of money is worth it. I own the A40's for the convenience factor, but I find that a $150 set of headphones will destroy the Astro 's in sound quality. The Astro's have a heavy bass emphasis that sound like a low-quality ripoff of Beats headphones (Beats headphones sound like poop in case you haven't heard them before). The Astro's made all my music sound bloated and this forced me to spend money on a nice set of headphones that actually sound decent with everything that I throw at them. Plus, when I plug the good headphones into my PC, I can use my sound card to hear more accurate headphone surround. This method is what I would suggest because you get the versatility and SQ of a good set of headphones and you can play games on 360 if you get the astro mixamp.

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If you need something universal and comfortable get creative tactic360 sigma. (50mm big buds model).

THey work fantasticly on pc. Have good bass. Are very comfortable, have additional amplifier for 360 so they are very loud on 360 unlike other pairs.

Have them and obviously recommed em.

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I have a pair of X12s from Turtle Beach that I think are great. I wouldn't give them to a 12 year old. (My son has destroyed both of his pairs.) But they are good so far. Only cost $50.00.

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I've been thinking about getting myself a pair. My brother has the turtle beach px5, and he seems happy as hell with them. My gaming is primarily on consoles, so Xbox 360 and PS3. I'm thinking about picking up the px51. The worst thing about those just seems to be having to purchase boxes of batteries. But, I think I'll look up the Astros you guys mentioned.

Features like being about to stream music or take a phone call while playing are things I'd like, though. I've looked around enough to concede that dropping $260, plus tax and shipping or whatever, is probably going to be a given.

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Just don't buy anything Turtle Beach or Beats by Dre and you're good to go. Anything manufactured by Monster is overpriced garbage.(See: $200 HDMI cables)

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i got a steelseries siberia v2 and i love them, amazing sound in them and the voice quality is fantastic

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Just buy some Astro A50s. If you cringe at the price, just look at it like an investment for the future. The Astros work on everything now, they will work on PCs and PS4s...and probably XB-Next in the future, and it is rare to have an issue with them. I have had my wired a40s for two years or more and they are still rock solid, and I use them several times a week for several hours a play session.

There are cheaper headsets, there are better fidelity wired headphones for music, but if you want to game with a headset...buy Astros.

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As an alternative suggestion;

I've used a pair of Sennheiser U 320s previously and thought they were damn decent for the price point; downside if they are wired. That may be a con for you.

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I've been looking to get a headset for the new PC I'm building as well, but I'm not willing to spend anywhere near $200. Anyone have a recommendation for a decent pair at the $50-60 range?

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I'll second the Sennheiser recommendation, I really like my PC360s.

You can buy the Astro mixamp without headphones too. So if your looking for good audio pairing the mixamp with a headset from a good headphone maker like Sennheiser or Beyerdynamic would probably give really good results.

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I've been looking to get a headset for the new PC I'm building as well, but I'm not willing to spend anywhere near $200. Anyone have a recommendation for a decent pair at the $50-60 range?

I bought my Turtle Beach Earforce X12s for around $50 dollars from Amazon. They're pretty good, especially for the price. Mine have lasted me since I got them this past Christmas and have held up really well.

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I have my Plantronics GameCom 780. Are they the best? No, but the sound and mic are of suitable quality for the price and they have held up well to my rough handling. If you are willing to pay more you can find much better sets, but I find these to be a satisfactory purchase for the price.

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I use Turtle Beach X12's they aren't the best headset if you are a real audiophile or want surround sound but for the $50 they cost they are well worth the money IMO.

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