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The 1up.com of old means a lot to me. It was my first gaming community and I attribute it to the reason I love video games as much as I do. Because of this I would love to get backups of the content that I cared about. Such as...

The 1up Show

1up Yours

GFW Radio (The Brodeo)


Broken Pixels

I'm sure I'm missing some stuff but these are the ones I really care about. I'm hoping to get these saved on my computer. Does anybody know people that have already started doing this? I would rather like to avoid having to download everything piecemeal as that would take all weekend for me.

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I wonder if you could use the Wayback Machine to track down archives of this stuff. Do they archive audio and video?

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@ravenlight: They still have all the podcasts up for sure, but I'd have to download them all one at a time. If someone already has something like a torrent of all of them I could get it would save be a huge amount of time.

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Not sure how'd you save that stuff but I am really sad to see it go. :(

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@jeanluc: I have a link to a torrent of the old 1up shows on my twitter feed. Well it's one I favorited. I will post the link here in a second.

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Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you very much!

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No problem duder :)