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Fellow Duders,

I moved countries last year from the US to the UK to study at a university in England, leaving behind my beloved gaming PC, selling my android tablet, and buying a MacBook Pro for school. In the past year I have come to miss gaming, and with the recent Vita price drop I am considering forking over my cash for a handheld. Killzone, Spelunky, Guacamelee, LittleBigPlanet, and Fez are all games I am really interested in that I can't play on my Mac, and it seems that Sony is pretty committed to supporting the Vita and promoting parity between the Vita and the PS3/PS4. I enjoyed handheld gaming a lot when I was younger, but was disappointed by the PSP, and lost interest in Nintendo games around the time the Gameboy SP came out. So now I am caught in the process of deciding how I want to scratch my gaming itch, and the Vita really speaks to me.

So, to those of you who support or criticize the Vita, I ask for your thoughts. Is the Vita an exciting platform right now? Are the games interesting and high quality? Would I be better off saving the cash in favor of a PC or home console somewhere down the line? And how does the Vita gaming experience compare with the iPhone? I currently have a Windows Phone, which I like well enough but does not offer much in terms of mobile gaming, which I hear is better on iOS. Hit me with your best thoughts!

And thanks in advance.

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Like I say in all these threads:

a. Did you own a PSP?

b. Do you have fond memories of PS1 games.

If your answers are no and yes respectively, I'd say a Vita is well worth the purchase. Especially if you're into RPGs, I've sunk an ungodly amount of hours into that thing with Persona 3/4, final fantasies 1 through 9, Valkyria Chronicles 2 and any other tactics games I could get my hands on.

The actual Vita library still seems pretty thin on the ground in comparison to the 3DS though. There are a lot of both 3rd and 1st party titles that are worth a look on the 3DS, I'd suggest doing a little research before you commit to either one. Either way, they're both far superior to any kind of mobile gaming I've experienced.

For reference, I own both (as I'm a loser), and the only actual Vita games I own are P4 Golden, Virtues Last Reward and Muramasa, all of which look and play astoundingly well on the Vita.

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The Vita blows tablet and phone gaming away. It's a great device in a lot of respects. Build quality, interface, game library, exclusives and future value.

First and most importantly: It has a ton of games. This isn't some WiiU barren wasteland - there is plenty to occupy you, and Sony has laid out a Vita focused 2014 agenda. Along with the PS4 functionality, this is a device with a long future and expanding catalogue.

Second, it's a great media device. Movies and youtube look great on it, the battery life is decent, and it's great to pack along with trips or just have charging on your nightstand.

The new price drop for the system and cards makes it a no brainer. If you can afford the entry price, you're getting a lot in return. The Vita is one of the most underrated consumer products I've seen in a long time.

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Hah! My answers to those questions would be yes and no respectively. I never owned a PS1 and not much about PS1 games excites me at this point. I am more excited about the indie games and newer titles coming to the platform (ie: Killzone and Borderlands 2) than playing Sony classics 15 years too late.

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@downloaded: I bought a Vita with the same amount of caution and it's ended up being easily the best handheld i've played (and I really liked the DS). Have played a ton on it, even with my consoles and PC around. Really recommend it.

It feels REALLY nice to play games on.

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I think I am going to get one. As much as it seems the gaming media rags on it for its dearth of games, everyone who owns one has nothing buy good things to say about it. More comments are welcome and I'd love to learn more about the system if anyone has any interesting info they'd like to share, but I think my mind is made up on the purchase. Can't wait for Killzone and really looking forward to playing LBP.

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I most certainly recommend one, but only if you don't have a 3DS - the library is just so much bigger and more diverse there. Or if you just hate Nintendo titles.

But the Vita is awesome. I unfortunately have used mine for Playstation 1 games more than anything since getting one. That's kind of sad.

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Only if you have lots of money to blow, as even though the system is on sale you pretty much need one of their ridiculously overpriced memory cards in order for it to function. If you do get one though, go ahead and get Ps+ as well as they give away 2 "Vita" games a month on there.

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leaving behind my beloved gaming PC


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I absolutely love my Vita. To me the lack of games criticism is nonsense. I own more great Vita games than I even have time for, never mind all the games I'd like to own, but haven't bought yet. If you can get PS Plus (or if you've already got it) the free games and sales will keep you plenty busy.

I am also super stoked about the indie love that the Vita is getting. There are so many indie games out there that will truly work best on the Vita. I'd sooner play Hotline Miami, Spelunky, Fez, etc. on my Vita than anywhere else. They're just a great fit for portable gaming, and the Vita is the best portable gaming device out there, with its great screen and controls. If you're into shooters, like I am, you'll be happy with the Vita, too.

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The Vita is the best piece of hardware nobody bought.

But really it is great. It has better games than the 3DS (yeah, really) and it is a much nicer piece of hardware.

However when Pokemon comes out I know my XL will be getting the playtime while my Vita collects dust for a while.

I'm not even going to mention phone and tablet games in particular because they are unworthy of being compared to a Vita, they cannot compare in any way. Physical controls make the Vita dance around them. I have put more hours into Persona 4 Golden and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on the Vita in the past 9 months than I ever have put into phone/tablet games since my first iPhone in 2009.

@davidwitten22 said:

Only if you have lots of money to blow, as even though the system is on sale you pretty much need one of their ridiculously overpriced memory cards in order for it to function. If you do get one though, go ahead and get Ps+ as well as they give away 2 "Vita" games a month on there.

He is in the UK. The Vita 10 game Mega Pack comes with an 8GB memory card which is more than enough for a few fully fledged Vita games, which you don't need more than 3-4 of at one time anyway.

That Mega Pack makes the memory card situation kind of tolerable, it was actually cheaper to get the Mega Pack than buy an 8GB card on its own, which is weird.

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Yeah, the memory card thing really sucks. I bought a 32GB at launch ($100, gulp) and still regularly fill it up with downloaded games, PS+ games, PSOne games, and PSP titles.

32GB should have been the on board flash memory for this system at the same price.

I really wouldn't mind switching titles out if it wasn't such a pain to do so. You have to physically connect to a PS3 system and the transfer takes up to 10 minutes for full 3-4GB retail titles. I wish it would wirelessly sync over the home network and you could just select which titles are stored on the PS3 and which you want to move to Vita.

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i bought one yesterday and the vita is a pretty good hand held! It helped me play a lot of older games like sly cooper,jack and darter and i want to play uncharted on it. I will say the vita has some good games mostly from ps1/ps2 but still fun games. They have the walking dead, an assassins creed game, uncharted,sly cooper,jack and dexter, so these should keep you entertained also mine craft is coming to it around november.

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I found the uncharted game to be a chore to finish. Thankfully it was on PS+

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Persona 4 Golden, heard ps+ is a great deal to. Get dat Large memory card

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I love my Vita, and I'm gonna +1 the PS+ suggestion as well. You'll get a few free games (Gravity Rush, Uncharted, Wipeout) that can really be the cornerstones of your digital library.

I'd also recommend getting the biggest memory card you can afford, just because they (and the game cards) are small and interchanging them a lot could prove to be a hassle.

Game recommendations: Persona 4 Golden, Soul Sacrifice, Dragon's Crown, Disgaea 3.

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There's nowhere to go but up.

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Thanks for all the great advice. I am really looking forward to picking one up. I think I am going to go for a wifi model, 16GB memory card, Killzone, LittleBigPlanet, and Guacamelee. Long-winded JRPG's were never my thing but can anyone recommend some good games? Maybe a good racer or puzzler? I am also curious about the Assassin's Creed game and Persona 4: Golden...I've never played a Persona game before but I loved Pokemon as a kid. Should I be interested? Oh, and what's the word on a Monster Hunter-style game for the Vita? Cheers.

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Sorry for the bump, everyone. I have a pressing question about memory cards, though. Obviously you need a memory card to download games from the PSN, but do you need one just to play the physical games as well? Will I be able to save my progress without one if I buy a Vita with LBP and P4G and wait on getting a memory card until I want to download something?

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Spelunky is out today, so yeah. You can co-op the story with a bro on a PS3 while using the vita for player 2.

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Vita with PS+ and a bigger memory card, and you'll be pleased as punch. I have a 16GB card, and occasionally have to delete things, but it's totally manageable.

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Can anyone weigh in on how large Vita save files are?

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@downloaded: Well, I took at peek at my PS Plus cloud save storage, and most are below 1 MB. The largest is Ucharted: Golden Abyss at 10MB, and Virtue's Last Reward at 3 MB. In general, games with Cross-Save are limited to 1 MB, and for retail games, if they don't have a "memory card required" note on the front they will actually store the save on the game card itself rather than on your memory card.

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@blacklagoon: Thanks!

Another question: on Amazon.co.uk, the wifi+3G model is the same price as the wifi only model. Is there any reason not to get the 3G model? Lower battery life or anything like that?

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@downloaded: No difference, but you'll probably have to mess around with automated phone systems if you want the sim enabling/disabling on the 3g version.

Also there's a wifi bundle for the same price with a bunch of extra stuff. I'd probably go for that.

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The difference in battery is minimal and the only thing I've heard people complain about the 3G Vita is if they have no signal, the notification is annoying (obviously you can turn off 3G and won't get this message).

If they're the same price, you may as well get the 3G version. You would have to get a sim card in there though, where buying a cheap one and topping it up with data allowance will let you access the PSN on the go. It's handy.

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The 3G version doesn't work without a sim inserted?

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The 3G version doesn't work without a sim inserted?

It does work. Rest assured. I've got a 3G model, and it works perfectly fine without a sim card inserted.

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Thanks! Now I am caught between buying the Megapack on Amazon (UK), or trying to get my hands on an American Walking Dead bundle. The Walking Dead bundle includes a 3G Vita with the Walking Dead and a 4GB memory stick for $199.99, which is a bit more appealing to me than the Megapack.

I have been thinking, with the way Sony is pushing the Vita as a companion device for the PS4; the apparently positive turn their relationship with developers has taken; and the prevalence of the Vita as a powerful handheld piece of hardware right now, do you think we may see developers pushing its specs to their absolute limits as we did with the last generation of consoles? It's clear that developers have really figured out how to squeeze everything out of 360/PS3 hardware these days when compared to the games that were available on release. Looking at what Killzone: Mercenary is already doing on the Vita, the prospect of seeing such progress made on it is really exciting. Possible?

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@downloaded: Assuming you're from the UK? You're VERY likely to have to pay import on the US bundle, which will add a good 20% to the price.

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Get a Vita and buy Divekick.

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I basically bought a Vita for Hotline Miami, a game I had already beaten.

I regret nothing.