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Anyone noticed low bitrate on the videos recently? I'm choosing HD and I tried the three different streaming modes, but everything seems to be pixelated when stuff gets busy on the screen.

Sorry if this got asked before, but I tried to search the forums and its terrible! I can never find anything using the search system on these forums...

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Yeah, I noticed it watching the archive of the last UPF and some of the recent Quick Looks. I've always used the HD setting, both progressive and streaming, and haven't come across this before.

#3 Posted by ToastMan (121 posts) -

It seems like the GB East stuff are fine, though I might be mistaken...

#4 Posted by Rotnac (877 posts) -

I've also noticed this. High and HD don't look very different at all. At least with the UPF archive from yesterday.

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Yeah, it only applies to the stuff put up by the SF office. Last weeks UPF looked gnarly.

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Vinny loves his high bitrates.

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Well Vinny was always the high bitrate guy, so it makes sense for the East stuff to still be good. Maybe Jason isn't using Vinny's export settings?

#8 Posted by Driam (185 posts) -

The FIFA video looked like a horrible mush of compression, but I haven't noticed anything like that in anything else.

#9 Posted by development (2948 posts) -

Yeah a few of the latest videos have had this problem. That FIFA one was probably the worst. I'm sure they'll smooth things out.

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Vinny would never let that happen.

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Could it be because they doubled the framerate to 59.94 Fps NTSC and kept using 4000 kb/s?

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The bitrate has never been very good for GB videos, and the streams especially, but yeah it's been noticeably worse recently.

#13 Posted by ToastMan (121 posts) -

Good, so it's not just me.

Would be nice to have someone address this soon. Video game footage really suffers from low bitrate so this sucks.

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I have to bring this up again, as it seems like problems with videos on the site are getting worse and more frequent. The Mario Party Party video is riddled with errors, the biggest one being the screen going completely white/light grey for a second every so often. The same thing is happening in the Pure Pool Quick Look I'm watching right now.