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I started doing this show about a week ago, as a pilot-type thing to send to Bazza (creator of VGCW) as a second show (he had expressed interest in doing a second show previously). He didn't love it (compared it to another streamer who apparently constantly says Baz stole "his" idea), but I enjoyed doing it, and a few of my friends enjoyed it, so I basically spun it off into its own thing. I named it the above because I had made Big Boss/Naked Snake the GM character, and sort of ran with the idea.

It's goofy, it's dumb, but I enjoy producing it so far, so it'll probably keep being a thing. I stream it on Sundays and Thursdays, and usually do it the same time as Bazza's stream (6PM Central).

I archive all of the recordings on my YouTube channel, which I believe is linked from my twitch page.