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So about 2 years ago I stopped to pick up a few things at the local Wal-Mart by my house. Like usual I swung by the electronics department. If any store has an electronics department it’s a must stop no matter what. It's the way of the geek. To my surprise sitting on the bottom shelf of the clearance games I found a perfect condition boxed copy of Dragon Quest 8 that included the FF12 demo. I grabbed it and bought it right away. It was only $15. I cracked it open last night and started it. I just finished Ni No Kuni so I felt the need to dive into this next. What a great find! Anyone else have any good stories about good game jewels they found at a store?

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At this day and age, you're more prone to finding jewels on the web, as I did a few days ago. Unlike real life jewelry, these gems are prone to sharing. Here, a precious jewel I found a few days ago while surfing web. If I found crown of England in a fast food store's bathroom I wouldn't be happier.