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Is ge pulling a Johnson with there new commercial starring agent smith?

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Machines are always the enemy.

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Being able to summon pizza from every machine will bring about the downfall of mankind.

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I thought it was really weird that they had Agent Smith in a commercial. It's like they don't realize how shitty the second and third movies were or... that those movies are almost 15 years old.

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Not for me, I chose green!

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The machines are our friends. :)


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ge? commercial? agent smith?

I DEMAND TO SEE AGENT SMITH, show me/link me/love me

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The enemy is within.

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All hail our futuristic robotic masters. Long live Emperor Supreme Toaster.

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Machines are my enemy until they take earning an income off my list of things to do.

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And it's actually Hugo Weaving!

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God, that red/blue joke at the end was pretty painful.