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Wait, is that his avatar? Huh.

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I appreciate what this dude does, he has his own opinions. I doubt this was vetted its just his opinion.

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Considering all of the market share Microsoft gained this generation they can be cocky but they shouldn't be.That's what Sony did with the PS3 and look at the position they're in now.

@xyzygy said:

You have to think about it: this is coming from a company who, somehow through some twisted marketing witchcraft, had more people playing multiplayer games AND paying a premium as opposed to playing a game online for free. Repeatedly and repeatedly across titles and years.

Have you ever used PSN to play a multi-player game or to download something? The experience is unreliable and slow.

Downloading, updating, and using the PS Store fucking sucks but I've never had problems with online multiplayer.

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I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that the Microsoft console guys probably already know everything worth knowing about what the Sony console guys are up to, and vice versa.