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First off, I'm not looking for money, games, or any really big hand-outs here. I am simply looking for people that would like to give a kid with no family, some encouragement.

My family and I are "sponsoring" a foster kid this Christmas. It's kinda like the "Angel Tree" but more about seriously giving kids what they NEED rather than what some might want. My sister got a list of kids to sponsor and picked out Brenden from a list of a lot of kids. He caught her eye because he wasn't asking for an Xbox One, PS4, or an iPad for Christmas. He simply asked for some gift cards, a hoodie, and some socks. A simple list for a kid that has no one to buy him what he needs.

Brenden is a foster child that was given up by his family and has no one to turn to. He has enlisted in the Navy and will be shipping off in a few weeks. Here's where you nice people come in. As I said, I'm not asking for money or anything like that (unless you feel compelled to give it) I am looking for letters. Letters of encouragement, hope, and understanding. I have already talked to EpicSteve who was nice enough to help me out. If any of you other guys/girls (Especially service men/women) would like to write a letter just to let this kid know he's not alone, PM me and let me know.

I know that we are a community of jokesters and pranksters, but this is no joke. Sadly this kid has no one to turn to for any encouragement.

Thanks for whatever you all want to help out with, or you know, thanks for listening.

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I got a bit more information on Brenden. He is 18 years old, he is enlisting in the navy. He is also interested in books about the Navy or Special Forces. Not sure if it matters, but he is 5ft 10in and 130lbs (if that makes a difference in clothing).

I really appreciate you guys looking at this and helping out however you can. Thanks for those that have already volunteered so far.

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Commenting to keep this in the front page. :)

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Will be in touch.

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@gaspower: Thanks! And thanks to you Rorie, and again... ANYONE else that wants to help out. I talked to my sister (who is helping coordinate all this) and the deadline is December 14th. I didn't realize it was so close.

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I'll try and do...something.


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@geraltitude: @epicsteve @mittt: @fattony12000: If anyone is planning on doing anything for this, I need letters/emails/pdfs by Friday. I know this is a charitable thing, but they do have a deadline to get it to the kids.

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I got a lot going on and if you don't hear from me by Thursday afternoon, don't be afraid to remind me.

Giant Bomb did a great job at send my unit videogames when we were in Afghanistan. And Ryan Davis sent us a bunch of stuff.

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This is great. You guys are great.

I would have no idea what to do or say, honestly, but more people need to see this.

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This is a great idea, though not sure what the hell I'd write or what.

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@machofantastico: Anything. Already got one email that I sent over that basically said "You don't know me, I don't know you, but thanks for what you are doing. People appreciated you, even though they may not say it directly."

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