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#1 Posted by EA (1 posts) -

What are you guys doing? Youre taking names with numbers, this is a once in a life time chance do it now! do it now!

#2 Posted by wings (44 posts) -

The truth

#3 Posted by Tom (12 posts) -

Very nice EA. Yeah i wanted something funny and memorable like.. oh i don't know.. Mr Sprinkes. But i figured because i 'can', i should get the most basc/popular name i could while still making relevant to me!
So, originality aside!!

Tom says hi!

#4 Posted by MasterSplinter (636 posts) -

I hope to see a lot of great names!

#5 Posted by Matt (968 posts) -

I wanted to keep it simple and sexy

#6 Posted by Toriko (82 posts) -

I got the name I wanted, I don't want my real name but I love my name. I got it without numbers too and no one else ever has it. My old one with numbers only got taken cause it was actually mine that was bant.

#7 Posted by Orbi (98 posts) -

In every popular forum I've ever been to, this name has never been available. I'm so glad I could get my hands on it now.

It's the name I've used on IRC for years, but I have adopted other monikers in light of that. I should probably reserve those while I can.

#8 Posted by Sinphinity (5 posts) -

Holy shit, can I have multiple accounts to one email? Cause I really want "God" and "Jesus" :D

#9 Posted by Rianor (93 posts) -

I'm using Rianor, because it's what i use everywhere else, no need to confuse myself with a new name.

#10 Posted by xplodedd (1316 posts) -

I am doing what I do on every website.

#11 Posted by Toriko (82 posts) -


Toriko...with no numbers :P

#12 Posted by LouChou (458 posts) -

I didn't even think about doing that. Fuck...

#13 Posted by Demyx (3237 posts) -

I just used a character from Kingdom Hearts. Site is looking very good though.

#14 Posted by It (1 posts) -

Hey guys.

I've got the best name, I believe.

#15 Posted by Yunvon (124 posts) -

I'm Yunvon for life yo!

#16 Posted by Sarazar (26 posts) -

I'll stick to the usual, but good idea!

#17 Edited by Rianor (93 posts) -

It said:
"Hey guys.

I've got the best name, I believe.

Would you be cousin It or It the evil clown? What kind of It are you?!
#18 Posted by henjin (829 posts) -

Yes! I got the name I wanted and Im glad, because I want to use this name basically anywhere I sign up to make it easier for myself.

#19 Posted by Toriko (82 posts) -
It said:
"Hey guys.

I've got the best name, I believe.
You're Pennywise the clown

Forever immortalized in the movie, It
#20 Posted by AlanWake (1 posts) -

Hooray for names I've wanted before but have always been taken!

#21 Posted by LouChou (458 posts) -

Plus you have the right to tell people "I am it" without looking entirely self-involved.

#22 Posted by bill (98 posts) -

high five for original names!

#23 Edited by Relys (984 posts) -

Originality > trend.

#24 Posted by cann3dheat (230 posts) -

I got my name. Not that anyone else would ever take it, but still.

I'll be making more names tonight and selling them online for Macy's gift cards, just in case anyone's interested.

#25 Posted by GordonFreeman (1 posts) -


#26 Posted by Jax (461 posts) -

I wanted oddball, but it was taken. So Jax it is!

#27 Posted by tec3297 (1170 posts) -

I got my real name as my username so I'm happy.
Tom I hope that you didn't try to register as Thomas, cause I beat you to it I guess. lol

#28 Posted by Gamer (234 posts) -

I got my name!

#29 Posted by Spiderman (6 posts) -

I got the best name

#30 Posted by Johno (13 posts) -

Yer just got my real name.

#31 Posted by bizsumpark182 (361 posts) -

I just wanted to use the same name I've been using, but there is one other name I could try to claim....

#32 Posted by Jax (461 posts) -

Johno is your real name?

#33 Posted by Nude_Dude (1076 posts) -

I got the same name from GS.

Gotta love the rhyme. ^_^

#34 Posted by Absurd (2934 posts) -

I love my name...I LOVE IT YOU HEAR?

#35 Posted by SarazinRuin (157 posts) -

I got the name I wanted.

#36 Posted by Charles (89 posts) -

I wanted my name and what do ya know....... I got it!

#37 Posted by bizsumpark182 (361 posts) -

I just wanted to get the name that I pretty much use everywhere.

#38 Posted by Termite (2398 posts) -

I got the name I wanted, which is Termite

#39 Posted by Dan (143 posts) -

One of you horrible bastids took Daniel already.

#40 Posted by Jesus (1115 posts) -

I'm looking for God

#41 Posted by Johno (13 posts) -

Nar its John mate Johno my nick name

#42 Posted by Forzen (86 posts) -

Meh I just used my gamertag :p

#43 Posted by Flexiable (97 posts) -

I wanted Matt but it was already taken so I just sided with what my alias is nearly everywhere else.

#44 Posted by Derachi (89 posts) -

I'm not taking every generic name I can think of because I'm to busy working on my own profile.

#45 Posted by Atlas (2462 posts) -

Very happy with my choice of Atlas. I don't imagine it would be a hugely sought after name, but nice to know I've got it.

#46 Posted by faustyn (616 posts) -
Thomas said:
"I got my real name as my username so I'm happy."
same here. i'm really happy it was available.
#47 Posted by sketch (194 posts) -

*Looks at profile image* I gots the name I want :D

#48 Posted by Simon (1 posts) -

Hooray for the first time ever, I got my real name!

#49 Posted by Ninja (542 posts) -

I got the best name out of all of you.

#50 Posted by lettuceman44 (115 posts) -

I just kept my GS name :P