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Poll: Male Character of the Generation: Round 1, Group 8 (163 votes)

Terrence Sweetwater (Battlefield: Bad Company) 3%
Ezio Auditore (Assassin's Creed II) 30%
Joshua Graham (Fallout: New Vegas) 3%
Missile (Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective) 6%
Niko Bellic (Grand Theft Auto IV) 7%
Sander Cohen (BioShock) 3%
Vigk Vagk (Ninety-Nine Nights) 0%
Barry Steakfries (Age of Zombies) 0%
Legion (Mass Effect 2) 9%
Rupin (The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword) 0%
The Duke (Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess) 1%
S-Kill (Divekick) 1%
Bishop Shidux (No More Heroes) 1%
Biorr of the Twin Fangs (Demon's Souls) 3%
Captain John Price (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare) 6%
Urdnot Wrex (Mass Effect) 25%
Alvin (Tales of Xillia) 2%

And another interesting group of characters! Poll closes at 9PM Pacific on November 27th.

#1 Posted by D_Bones (421 posts) -

We are Legion, for we are many.

#2 Posted by Pr1mus (4102 posts) -

Captain Price is awesome but he's no Wrex. That said i'm sure Wrex will go through anyway so i'm voting Price.

#3 Posted by DeadpanCakes (1112 posts) -

Would've voted Wrex, but I'm sure people'll vote for him, so I went with Alvin instead

#4 Posted by MEATBALL (3956 posts) -

Let's go Missile!

#5 Posted by Fredchuckdave (7128 posts) -

Price isn't Italian Batman.

#6 Posted by BeachThunder (13144 posts) -

@meatball said:

Let's go Missile!

Always vote for Missile.

#7 Posted by TheHT (12347 posts) -

Ezio Auditore da Firenze

#8 Posted by Icicle7x3 (1242 posts) -

Was going to go Missile, but I really loved Joshua Graham.

Keep loading those guns.

#9 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -
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@beachthunder said:

@meatball said:

Let's go Missile!

Always vote for Missile.

Man, Missile vs. Wrex is one of the most tempting matchups possible, but I'm still sticking to my "always vote for Ghost Trick character" platform.

#11 Posted by Napstar (31 posts) -

Ezio all the way baby. One of the most complete character arcs in vidgames history.

#12 Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials (2527 posts) -

The only reason I prefer Ezio to Altair is that Altair was voiced really poorly. Ezio is a prick.

#13 Edited by DarthOrange (4097 posts) -

The Duke should win. Most of you probably have no idea who he is though :(

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Barry Steakfries was also really fucking great in Age of Zombies. :'(

#14 Posted by csl316 (10852 posts) -

Wrex, come on now.

#15 Posted by StarvingGamer (9078 posts) -

You misspelled "MISSILE!"

#16 Edited by Brake (1196 posts) -

My heart says Missile, but my vote says Wrex.

#17 Posted by ESREVER (2820 posts) -

Not really much of a tough decision for me here. Ezio.

#18 Posted by super2j (2064 posts) -

ah man, this bracket has all the best characters. Ezio got my vote because come on, he is legit the best. But missileeeee and Captain Price and Wrex and even you Josh Graham(but he was really not cool enough, lets face it), I am sorry.

#19 Posted by audioBusting (1731 posts) -

Missile! He's the best video game dog if all time!

#20 Posted by Guesty_01 (383 posts) -

Captain Price, everytime baby!

#21 Posted by LackingSaint (1992 posts) -

Sander Cohen is one of the best antagonists of the generation. Easy choice for me, and I love Wrex.

#22 Edited by hermes (1742 posts) -

Legion was probably one of the characters with most potential of Mass Effect 2, definitely one of the most interesting... Pity that you get it so close to the end that you can't really explore much of its backstory.

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There are a couple of big ones in here. But Missile is the best dog of all time.