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All this #teambone #teamboneless talk has gotten me hungry, and thinking.

What are your favourite cooking moments in gaming? It can be an actual cooking game, or just a smaller sub-game within a game, for example,

Suikoden 2 springs to mind, hiring the chef for your castle (or was it one, or both?),

Guild Wars 2, the chef crafting discipline,

Sony's F2P mmo Free Realms, where you actually use controller/K&M movements to prepare and cook the food.

Make me salivate duders, make me drool.

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What you will hear most? MGS IV - Sunny's sunny-side up eggs. I hate MGS IV. With a passion. However, it got me into eggs again - so many delicious egg dishes have been eaten since.

Common story, I believe.

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Suikoden II's cooking battles were pretty cool, yeah.

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Ultima Online was the first game I ever cooked something in and its still the most memorable. I think I spent the first week I played it trying to be the Vesper town chef and fisherman. I was so stoked to finally make a thousand gold. Then I found out how bad of an idea that really was when someone showed me tailoring.

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Cooking instant ramen in Cooking Mama. Cooking Mama is already fairly absurd - let's keep changing the heat on this stove! But the instant ramen "recipe" took it to a whole new level.

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Cook, Serve, Delicious is really good. That's super on-the-nose, but that game makes me wish cooking were so easy.

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I'm going to have a crack at this now.

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San andreas when big smoke orders from clucken bell

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San andreas when big smoke orders from clucken bell

one of my favorite gaming moments

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Aw yeah! ^^