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Hello all with a bunch of games coming out in march and me waiting for back surgery I thought I would chuck my two cents on the games I have pre ordered.

Games I have pre orderd

1. SimCityHaving played the beta a lot I am really looking forward to this game. The main problems I have with the game are the small city sizes and the always on DRM , other than that the game is horribly addictive and I can see my self losing days to this game.
2. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3It has been a good five years since I last played a Naruto game the main reason is that they are always so behind story wise. This game seems to fix that it looks to go up to were the Anime is and beyond so sign me up.
3. StarCraft II: Heart of the SwarmAs some one who watches the Star Craft 2 E-Sports a lot I am super hyped for this game for the main reason it will shake up the current meta game which has become stale in my opinion. From what I have played in the Beta the new units seem awesome and the features they have added to Battlenet are amazing. The campaign looks pretty cool as well but I am a Protoss player so meh.
4. BioShock InfiniteI wasn't going to buy this game due to BioShock 2 being a big disappointment for me but my cousin gave me this for my birthday march 3rd btw ill be 25 which will be awesome.

I also need to play ni no kuni: wrath of the white witch and Journey which will keep me pretty busy. Any ways that's my blog what do you guys think.

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Never played a SimCity game before (except the SNES one but that was long ago) so I think I might give this one a shot. We'll see how that goes!

And, Bioshock Infinite I'm for sure getting. Pretty excited for it.

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@MistaSparkle SimCity seems to be a great introduction to new players not as complex as SimCity 4 still awesome though.

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Since Infinite has nothing to do with Bioshock 2, I don't know why that would prevent you from buying Infinite.

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March will definitely be a game packed month for me with God of War: Ascension, Gears of War: Judgement, Bioshock Infinite and Metro: Last Light as well as games from this month I'm still trying to catch up on.

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Never pre order!

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@time_lord: See, that sounds great for me! And so maybe if I get into it, I can pick up SimCity 4. It's always on sale, I should probably own it by now anyways :P

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I've gotta use March to catch on games from previous years I've missed which will hopefully leave me only slightly behind. Then I have to play Bioshock, God of War, Metro and others from this year.

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@Morningstar I only pre order games I have actually played the demo or beta of expect for BioShock which was a gift.

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@cold_wolven: Do we know that Metro Last Light is still coming out in March? On the wiki page there's no specific release date.

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@time_lord: Good man. I guess you can be pretty certain about the quality of those games as well. March is looking to be fantastic indeed.

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I'm pretty excited for both Tomb Raider and SimCity, and maybe for Heart of the Swarm (I'll play the campaign for sure, but I'm not really into the multiplayer). So yeah, March is a pretty good looking month.

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@village_guy: I will wait for the reviews on tomb raider to come out and I will probably pick it up when it goes on sale and some point.

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MLB 2k13.

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Interested in Starcraft 2 singleplayer; multiplayer is mediocre at best compared to the original; esports is a joke. But hey I now have a feat of strength for getting Diamond within a few days of release, yay?

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I definitely agree. Of course my March is jam-packed with school stuff but I will find time. The HOTS beta has been amazing so far, so much fun. I am super excited for the new SimCity game. I have been playing SimCity 2000 a ton on my Mac in anticipation.

Also, new Luigi's Mansion is coming out too! I am so pumped!

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Fuck. Too many games. Isn't Luigi's Mansion coming out in March too? ...Fuck.

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I preordered Bioshock Infinite solely based on Ken Levine's rugged good looks.

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I might get Gears , Sim City, Bioshock???

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I will undoubtedly get Starcraft at some point but may end up waiting for a sale on Amazon or something. I'm in no hurry since i'm in only for the single player.

SimCity is slipping more and more on my list of games i'm interested in. I have a limited budget and already had a number of games this year in which i'm more interested in and the PS4 announcement has only put more distance between me and this game.

I need to know a lot more about Bioshock's actual gameplay. I remember being less than impressed with Bioshock.

No interest in Naruto.

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I think this whole year looks pretty awesome!

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God of War Ascension

Metro Last Light (if it comes out then)

Gears of War Judgement (if my friends care enough to pick it up)

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Good stuff. Naruto doesn't interest me, but everything else does.

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@time_lord: But Irrational didn't make Bioshock 2. They made the first one. Asides from Bioshock, none of those games interest me.

Anyways, I have Bioshock & God of War pre-ordered. Both the collector editions so I'm excited!

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To be honest, of that list I'm only really psyched for Sim City. But, I will most likely play that game to death over march. Oh and lego city shoutout because I have it pre-ordered.

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After march there's going to be a huge drought of games until this fall. The only one's that come to mind are Remember Me, which I think was confirmed for April, and The Last of Us, which is the week after E3. I guess it'll be good to catch up on my backlog.

Oh yeah...... Bioshock Infinite is gonna be amazing!!!

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@themanwithnoplan: That's a good and a bad thing I suppose it will give me enough time to save up until the PS4 comes out I plan to pick that up on launch. This generation I want to be an early adopter and try and build a nice library of games for the PS4.