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It is almost that time of the year again. Mario Marathon that is! The 6th one to be exact! On June 21st at 11 AM EST, Mario Marathon will play all the main Mario console games back to back to help spread awareness of Child's Play Charity and raise money for their cause.

Here is a little FAQ I made that will help the new viewers this year. (Similar to my FAQ from last year.)

Where can I donate?

You can donate by going to their donation page HERE. All the donations they receive go to Child's Play Charity via PayPal. The Mario Marathon Team will touch NONE of the money raised and ALL the money will go to Child's Play directly.

What can I do if I can't donate?

Tell your friends and family about it. Also spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media websites to get more people to watch the live stream and spread the word.

Where can I watch the stream?

The stream is on Twitch TV (http://www.twitch.tv/mariomarathon). You can also watch the Twitch TV feed on their own website (www.mariomarathon.com). If you watch it on their website, there are audience reaction buttons and if the viewers press one emote enough times, the players can hear it. It's a fun way to interact with the live stream.

Where can I chat with the viewers?

The main chat is on their IRC ChatAbout server #mariomarathon (Twitch chat is disabled). You can connect to the IRC chat via their front page on the Mario Marathon website or through an IRC program. New this year is a Twitter Chat on the Mario Marathon front page. Just log in with you Twitter account and you can use the Twitter chat. If you wan to switch to the IRC chat, click the "Switch to IRC Chat" underneath the Twitter chat and if you want to switch back to the Twitter chat, click the "Switch to Twitter Chat" link. Need some IRC help? Here is their FAQ copied and pasted from the IRC help page.

Chat / IRC Help

Connecting via an IRC client.

  • Download and install an IRC client (XChat)
  • Server: irc.chatabout.net
  • Port: 6667
  • Channel: #mariomarathon

Registering a nickname

  • Join the chat server with your desired nickname
  • Enter: /ns register <password> <email>
    • <password> - is your desired password
    • <email> - is your email address
  • E-mail with verification instructions will be sent to your address

Logging in with a registered nickname

  • Register a nickname using the instructions above
  • Join the chat server with your nickname
  • Enter /ns identify <password>

Any new games this year?

There sure is! New Super Mario Bros. U has been added to the line up this year.

What other games will be played and in what order?

Taken straight from their front page:

Mario Marathon 6 Line-Up

The line-up for Mario Marathon 6 has not been finalized. We'll be playing all of the main console Mario games including New Super Mario Bros U. How many and which levels from each game has not been finalized. (NOTE: I WILL CHANGE THIS ONCE THE LINEUP IS FINALIZED!)

LevelsDonation $$
Mario Galaxy 2 Beat w/ 75 Stars1 - 75$123.10
New Super Mario Bros Wii Worlds 1,2,5,876 - 114$249.70
Mario Galaxy Beat w/ 60 Stars115 - 175$623.43
Mario Sunshine Beat w/ 50 Shines176 - 226$1,245.46
Mario 64 Beat w/ 76 Stars227 - 303$3,369.73
Super Mario World 100% Run Through304 - 356$6,583.79
Super Mario Bros. 3 100% Run Through357 - 384$9,355.88
Super Mario Bros. 2 100% Run Through385 - 404$12,017.10
Super Mario Bros 100% Run Through405 - 436$17,922.10
Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels 100% Worlds 1 - 8437 - 468$26,709.50
New Super Mario Bros U Beat Bowser469 - 519$50,399.10
100% Playthrough Challenge View Choice520 - 560$83,925.50

How long will they play?

The neat thing about Mario Marathon is how they go about playing the games. There is a Level Checklist with a list of Levels that will be unlocked via donations. The more donations they receive, the longer they will play. Once they have completed all the levels that have been donated for, they marathon will end.

I still have more questions I want answered about Mario Marathon.

Their FAQ is here (http://www.mariomarathon.com/faq.html). You can learn more about Mario Marathon there.

Social Media links for Mario Marathon

Facebook Page - LINK

Twitter Page - LINK

Just kick back, relax, and enjoy Mario Marathon when it begins on June 21st at 11 AM EST. Remember, it's for the children!

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I'm starting to wonder if I should take vacation then. I missed 90% of the show last year, and it's just not the same watching as an archive.

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Oh cool! I love watching Child's Play playthroughs. I'll definitely try and check it out. :)

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@andrewb: From what I understand, they'll be playing Friday, Saturday, Sunday and then a hard stop on Monday. They just didn't have the chance to take off that much time from work. So if you are looking to be around for most of it, just focus in on those days. =)

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2 more weeks!

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One more week! We are almost there guys!

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Starts tomorrow!!!!!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!!!

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Half an hour! Get Hype! This is always great fun. Hopefully it takes them a long time this year.

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Mario Marathon is now live! Check it out over at mariomarathon.com to watch it live!

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Super Mario Sunshine time!

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51 hours in!!! more than 42k raised!!!