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Basically.. At the end of the Priority: Earth mission, My Compaions.. (Javik and Garrus) Were hit by the Mako that flew through the air in everyone's ending, and from what i hear, it typically injured compainions, allowing for a final dialogue, as well as a visit from the Normandy..

This didn't happen for me.. The Mako flew, Javik and Garrus got hit, and died on the spot.. :(

Was there a reason for this? Loyalty, EMS? Thanks in advance duders :D

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Sorry, Double post >.<

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No, idea. Maybe not a high enough EMS? At least your Shepard will be having drinks with Garrus in Turian-Human heaven.

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Haha, I didn't know that could happen. I'm just speculating but I would guess it would be tied to having a low EMS.

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Yeah, every other video i've seen they're either injured, or totally Fine.. My Poor Garrus, My buddy that went on every mission with me since ME 1 became a pancake in 0.2 seconds, along with Javik, my new best friend.. I was deeply saddened.

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That's cool that can happen. Oh and sorry for your lose.

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Thank you for your sympathy..

At the moment i feel like the only person on the internet it happened to, 4 active forums atm, and no ones seen it..

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@kadash299: Like the dude above mentioned, its basically because you had a low EMS. The EC changes the required EMS to above 3500 for the good endings, i.e ones where your ground crew dont die, any lower and the endings change to the bad endings, of the chosen ending.

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Alrighty, Thanks Duders! Now back to Mass Effect 2.. Time to build up a new shephard.. :D