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Anyone knows where I can find a list of every US or PAL mega drive game by release date?


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Wikipedia of course. Some of the games don't have exact release dates, but this is probably the most accurate and complete list that you'll find.

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Pretty sure this is a complete list.

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Thanks! Too bad you can't do this kind of search on the giantbomb wiki (by system and then by date).

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@pjm_guerreiro: Well, the beta site goes live today, so we'll have to see what search and sorting options are available.

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The ones at the top have no release date. Scroll down until the games start showing release dates. Note that it's based on North American release date, so a recent Virtual Console release of a previously Japan-exclusive game for example will count as a recent release.

It appears someone has been vandalizing the wiki by adding Genesis to EA sports games that were never released on the Genesis. be on the look out for that.

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Actually, it seems the EA games were released as built-in games on some Brazilian Mega Drive hardware. They were the mobile phone versions though. I'm not sure they were actually ported to the Mega Drive.

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Humm, need for speed pro street for the mega drive... that sounds like a nightmare...

Also, on the same day I create my first topic on GB, the beta site launches and has the EXACT search options i wanted.