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I absolutely love this video, Eric's Twirl on the fence, Rocco laying in the grass, and Derrick's gang. Perfect. This is what happens when you ruin the metascore.

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I think this video was good it had a lot of emotion and viscerality.  
I give it an 88% out of 100%. 

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Pretty nice I think I'll give it 4/5 stars for it.

First time Eric has the best part of a video for me.

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| total shit | kinda shit | good | fanboy / moneyhat

shit's broke

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Wow @ comments

if the shitty halo games get above 9.0 theres NO WAY in hell Uncharted 3 gets below a 9.0, if anything this guy is in M$ pockets and this whole video, the people associated with it is plain old HYPOCRISY/HYPOCRITES. Making this just propaganda,trolling.... My opinion.
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This is a piece of art. 10/10

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I´d watch that. 6/10.

That´s good right?

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Like the rest of their stuff, that was good in theory.

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This is why Mega 64 is still some of my favorite gaming comedy dudes, they always know whats up and I love when they poke fun at this stuff pointing out how silly it all is. Good times.

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@Linkster7 said:

I´d watch that. 6/10.

That´s good right?

It means above average in reality but in video games it means FUCKING AWFUL!!!! The thing is most review sites have a scale out of 10 but actually score out of 5.

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"I never played the game before, but I know you're full of shit."

Best line in the best video ever.