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My friend told me that VG music hasn´t been as memorable since the SNES era and now, being the jackass that I am, I need to prove him wrong.

I already showed him 2 songs to prove my point, both from the PS2 era, what are your choices?

My choices are:

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There are others, but this is the first one that popped into my head.

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Don't say fifth generation. Just say PS2 / GC / xbox



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You only need one word to disprove your freind - Bastion.

But anyway, if we're going ANYTHING post SNES, there must be tons and tons of stuff. To give some more random examples, the metal gear solid theme is pretty memorable, if maybe overused. And a lot of the persona 4 soundtrack is very good - "reach out to the truth" is pretty burnt into my brain after 65 hours or so of persona-ing :)

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@RenMcKormack: Fifth generation is PS1 and N64, what I meant is you can choose from fifth gen upwards.

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All of Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, Persona 3 and 4, most of the music in various Halo games. There is such great music in so many games and my tiny list isn't even the smallest bit of it.

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well then what the fuck. just say from n64 forwards. @JCRamires:

if that's the case then I also vote for this

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sorry im internet raging here. Im not sure of those trend of numbering generations.

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I'm sorry, but your friend is either an idiot or blissfully ignorant if he thinks that there hasn't been fantastic, memorable gaming soundtracks since the SNES came out. The Final Fantasy games? Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker? The Halo series? The Persona franchise? World of Warcraft? The Pokémon games? The Ace Attorney series? ...Hell, even more modern contemporaries like the Mass Effect games (especially the first) have damn good soundtracks. There are plenty of amazing pieces of music out there to show him.

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oh shit yea

all the persona music including the weird rap battle theme in 3.

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  • Halo series
  • Gears series
  • Mass Effect series
  • WoW
  • Deadly Premonitions
  • Persona 3 and 4
  • MGS 2-4
  • Silent Hill up until Yamaoka's departure
  • Lost Odyssee
  • FF7-12, 14
  • Asura's Wrath
  • Bayonetta
  • Bastion
  • Nier
  • Arkham City
  • Okarina of Time
  • Katamari Damacy series
  • Crono Cross
  • Resident Evil 1,2,4
  • Xenoblade Chronicles
  • Prince of Persia '08

That should be a good start.

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Definitely all of the Shadow of the Colossus soundtrack. It still pops up in my head every now and then.

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In addition to everything mentioned I'd like to add Ghost Trick and Super Meat Boy.

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Gotta go with Gitaroo, man.

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@Killerfridge said:

Definitely all of the Shadow of the Colossus soundtrack. It still pops up in my head every now and then.

I second this one.

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@Bane122 said:

  • Okarina of Time

Ed Boon made a Zelda?

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My favourite song from the Halo series. It's soooo good.

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@jewunit said:

Gotta go with Gitaroo, man.

Wow, someone beat me to it for once. Never actually prepared for a scenario like this...ahem. 
I'll add No More Heroes and The World Ends With You. 
I'm also fond of Dynasty Warriors 4. But I'm crazy
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Your friend is an idiot for thinking that anything just stopped being good past a certain point. There are always going to be great new things no matter the subject. As for your topic, the Lunar games have great music.

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Beyond Good & Evil:

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker:

Super Mario Galaxy:


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Your friend's crazy. Video game music got way better with the improved audio between snes and ps1. All my favorites have already been listed though...