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Good news! The Men of Game Development 2014 calendar, originally a part of the Super Drake Tracker 2000 EX Kickstarter, has been made available to the masses. You can go order yours for 15 bucks right now.

If this photo won't convince you to buy it then I don't know what will.

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Dude, what.

you know, I think I'm gonna have to buy one, just to see Eric Pope's contribution.

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There really is no better way to enjoy a nice bubble bath than with a line of John Drakes at your side.

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So that's what Dave Lang's nipples look like.

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@korwin said:

So that's what Dave Lang's nipples look like.

Only that one. The other is a horrifically twisted mass resembling Seth Killian.

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I dunno! I dunno anything right now! All I can think of is I dunno!

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This is beautiful and I'm sure we'll all have great fun trying to explain to people why we own this.

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I paid $30 for this bullshit and it is so worth it.

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A piece for the thinking man.

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You're not a real gamer unless you own this.


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Heavens to betsy!

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Ugh all this objectification is gross!

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I clearly fucked up for not getting in on this

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Because you guys are the raddest, mention you're a duder in the purchase comments when buying and I'll throw something special* in the envelope when we ship.

(*that special thing is probably going to be a No Goblin can cooler, but I reserve the right to jam other things in there if you have a hilarious name or something)

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how can you start the show with a show stopper!?

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Was anybody else hoping to see the other half of that photo instead?

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Dave Lang? Take those bubbles away, and it might be Dave LONG. Am I right guys? (I'm going to regret hitting the post button on this one.)

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I bet this was a lot of fun to make.

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Needs more jean short shorts.

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Fuck yeah! For the record, I think the Drake Tracker is a pretty stupid idea.. but if it got us this, then I´m on board!

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That picture of Dave Lang is beyond gdlk.