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I'd enjoy some Renegade Ops.

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Blackout62

#102 Posted by Skogen (430 posts) -

I would love me some Witcher!

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/0000666

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This is incredibly generous and I don't even understand. However, I'd love to play Bastion.

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Id like to enter. I got absolutely nothing during the Steam sale, I bought a PC instead and then didnt have money to get games, and I just got coal through the competition. Those coals got me nothing it seems :( Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Pazy

EDIT: If possible Id really like to play the Witcher, I need something reasonably taxing for my new PC.

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Great spirit, put me down for an entry.

#108 Posted by CheapPoison (796 posts) -

I always feel like a bastard when i sign up for something like this but...     

I'd love to check out the Witcher.


 Also you deserve a hug.
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Terraria I guess?Yeah.

Steam ID:fireprince96.

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Sounds like a deal to me! Im down for Eye and if that is by chance already gone, terraria and if that is somehow all gone, I will gladly grab into the gerstmas bag for bastion. Giggity! Steam name is I'm Batman! "Mcshank" I also added you to Flist.

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Count me in

#114 Posted by Branthog (5717 posts) -

Updated the original post to include a copy of Portal 2 in the list, which I didn't realize I had one of.

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ill give it a swing, bastion for me plz! http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198007978158

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Free stuff, yay!

Hmm...Renegade Ops seems to be getting a whole lotta love here, so that. Steam id = siroptimusprime

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A copy of Bastion would be awesome, but so would anything else. Very generous of you.

Steam: kieran_es

#120 Posted by jjnen (680 posts) -

Have you robbed somekind of gaming bank?

Bastion, if I'm lucky.


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You are incredible for doing this. Sign me up!  

(On the off chance I do win, consider my preferences, considering availability, as: Bastion, then Dungeon Defenders, then Terraria, then EYE: Divine Cybermancy.)

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I would love Renegade Ops. My Steam ID is brodywb. Thanks.

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Wow.. Cool stuff man! I'd like to be included in this contest as well :) Gracious of ya.

Portal 2 please :)

My steam ID

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Bastion would be an awesome prize-lots of these giveaways going on in Giantbomb its brilliant!

My steam name is IAIN

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Incredibly awesome, duder. I feel bad taking part in these comps, but goddammit they are great.

Renegade Ops would be amazing!


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How very nice of you! Im in!

Steam ID is https://steamcommunity.com/id/the_patriarch

I'll go for Dungeon Defenders, and if thats gone, my second choice will be EYE. If those are gone, Renegade Ops would be cool.

Thanks again.

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Yeah happy Gerstmas, please enter me, my prefered game is fallout: New Vegas and my steam ID is: ezekielzero

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http://steamcommunity.com/id/jimmybarrett I'd really like a copy of Anomaly: Warzone Earth, please!

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My user name is Jonny7892 and I would like Dungeons of Dredmor please.

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I'd love to get in on some New vegas action my good sir.

If I win, I will extend the same courtesy to you that I did to Viggo, when I see you on the field of battle the third. I shall engage you, but alas my bullets will be ever so slightly fired around you.


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Awesome! I'm in

#142 Posted by Legend (2695 posts) -

So many giveaways on GB.. it's awesome! I'd like to try my luck at winning something. I want Fallout: New Vegas. Here's a link to my profile:
Thanks for doing this, duder!

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This is great. I'd like Plain Sight.


#145 Posted by wwfundertaker (1471 posts) -

Sign me up

#146 Posted by Legend (2695 posts) -
Nevermind. I can't find my steam id thingy.
Log in to Steam, and go to community> profile and you'll find it. It looks like this:
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I would like Bastion if you please

Steam ID

#148 Posted by xMP44x (2227 posts) -

This is insane. , you really can't be bothered about spending money this year! I have no idea how you're affording this but it's awesome you're holding such an event for the community. I'd probably take Fallout: New Vegas but my laptop couldn't run it, so I suppose I can be voided in the competition. ;)

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Would love Bastion :) Steam id is sarah615