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Got my copy of Legend of Grimrock, thank you very much @branthog.

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@branthog: Thanks for the game and Gerstmas, dude.

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Thank you very much! Got my copy of the legend of Grimrock! Sorry for the late reply, Ive had log on issues upon the move to the new site, sorted by Dave yesterday for me :)

Merry Gerstmas!

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@branthog: Thank for Blocks that matter it's really fun. Sorry for the late reply.

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I got CIV 5 thanks

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@jakob187: Yeah, mine says I have 54 messages unread, though I don't know if I've even received 54 messages on this website.

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@branthog: Oh, I was wondering why you just sent me Torchlight. Thanks a lot man!

Also I'm giving a way a bunch of Dota 2 codes, if anyone's interested, send me a PM with your steam link or email.

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@branthog: Got the THQ Bundle with no problems. Thanks for setting it up and thanks to the duder that donated it.

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@Branthog Got Indie Game: The Movie. Thanks to whoever donated it and thanks to Branthog for setting this crazy thing up. I was surprised Gerstmas lasted this long.

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Having drawn so many in the span of two days, we now have a small handful we're awaiting replies from, so I'll pause drawing for one day to give them a chance. We're at 135, as of today, and I'm looking to get as close to 200 as possible a week from now.

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I got the THQ Bundle. Thanks to Branthog and everyone who contributed to Gertsmas!

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Just got back to vacation to see a Metro 2033 code waiting for me. Thanks to Branthog for organizing everything and the duder who donated the code!

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Holy Fuck Shit.... Man oh man this takes some time. Well keep it up and hope you get some rest after all this.

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looking forward to the 65 games that are being handed out over the next two days! gerstmas time!

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got my copy of renegade ops this morning! thanks @Branthog and Merry Gerstmas!

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Woke up to Bunch of Heroes and having a blast playing it, big thumbs up to @Branthog Merry Gerstmas and a Happy Ryear!

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@Branthog: Got a copy of Swarm Arena! Thanks! Good luck to the rest and Merry March Gerstmas!

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@Branthog: Thanks for the copy of Burn Zombie Burn!

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@branthog:got a copy of awesomnauts

thanks man :)

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@Branthog: Got a copy of Torchlight. Thanks!

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Got a copy of The Ship! Been meaning to check this game out forever. Thanks a lot @branthog and the GB community.

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Got an e-mail today saying there was a present from @Branthog. I'm at work and can't get around to installing it right now, but THANKS DUDER! I've been wanting to try out Orcs Must Die! since launch, just never got around to picking it up.

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Awesome man, thanks for the Snuggle Truck. Got it on my birthday too.

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Thanks @Branthog, Gerstmas is a great way to celebrate Christmas!

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Aw yiss, time to get my Wizorb on. Thanks to whoever may have donated it, and to Brant for taking on this insane endeavor.

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Yo @Branthog! Got your PM and replied! Thanks in advance dude, you just made my day!

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Got my copy of Renegade Ops, Thanks @Branthog!

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Got my copy of Frozen Synapse! Super excited! Big thanks to everyone who took part in this genuine display of video-game-inspired goodwill!

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@branthog: Though not on my original list, got my copy of Torchlight. Thanks duder branthog, and thanks to all the duders who donated to make this whole giveaway possible.

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I forgot this was still going. This must be a one hell of a task now that I see its almost into the 4th month with so many applicants and so many people *not responding*. GJ Branthog for the dedication.

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Wow, this is still going?

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Can't wait to see this week's editions!

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Wow, this is still going?

Yep. We're about two thirds of the way through, but damn it's slower than last year -- and every time I think I'm going to just start moving on, I start getting some responses from people from many weeks past and as long as they've responded while it's still ongoing, I don't want to cut them off.

If I do this a third year, I think I'm going to limit the number of drawings. With 300-400 entrants, having just 100 items/winners would be totally reasonable and very doable. 300 entrants and 300 giveaways is just insane. :)

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@branthog: Good on you for sticking with this, you're making this a Gerstmas to remember.

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I totally got my copy of Noitu Love 2! Thanks a lot, Branthog!

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Got my copy of Zeno Clash! Thank you very much for taking the time to do this and keeping at it for so long duder!

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Man this is still going on? This is the Gerstmass that never ends!

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Well, if this is still going


THQ Humble Indie Bundle

Titan Quest

Besides that, nothing really appeals, but thanks for doing this (if this is still going, haha).

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Entries closed months ago. Now everybody's waiting on the results. *hopes to get something*

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Entries closed months ago. Now everybody's waiting on the results. *hopes to get something*

I'm with you. 200 giveaways later still hoping something I had on my list is left haha. :P

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I don't even remember what was on my list at this point. I should probably go back and check.

Well, it looks like I already bought a couple games from my list.