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The game development scene in BC seems to have collapsed. Along with this there have been layoffs this year at Rockstar Vancouver, Capcom Vancouver and EA Vancouver. I think I might be missing one as well.

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Sheesh, that really sucks. For some odd reason I really enjoy Microsoft Flight, and I was looking forward to what it would become.

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Game developers love Ontario.

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I wonder if they had a sales target on steam during the summer sale.

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I enjoyed Flight, I really did, but there just wasn't enough there and I don't think the team was big enough to give people what they wanted.

If you've played Flight Simulator X, you know Flight had some pretty big shoes to fill. I certainly realize they were going for something different, more concentrated and focused missions, but the free-to-play model and trickling out DLC seems like a bad choice for the spiritual successor to a game that let you fly around the world out of the box.

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I feel like there is one of these posts every month

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Wow, Vancouver sounds like it's becoming a ghost town with all of these studios that have been shuttered.