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Not sure how this happened, but there you go:

Here's the actual blog.

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eh its probably a placeholder release date at this point anyways

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Yes! ~ I care about the X∞ version, but this shit is great! :D

Doesn't mention a Karkand-insert, I see. Hm.

Edit: Since when can you flip a tank?.

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Wait, the ability to enter buildings is a selling point for Battlefield? Hasn't that been a feature in games since 1979?

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I was hoping they would wait to release for the next gen. That would have definitely motivated me to buy a next gen console quicker.

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Wait, the ability to enter buildings is a selling point for Battlefield? Hasn't that been a feature in games since 1979?

At this point your jokes have become so bad i cant tell whether this is one of those or you just dont get that part of the sentence

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I hope that means all next generation console platforms will be available in all three relevant markets by that time. If this circumstance has not yet occured by then, I think it'd be a bad move for EA/DICE.

Games that have been released prior to a console launch never do as well as they could, and you'll never get as deep of a market penetration as in the early life of a console, hence it's paramount to wait until all the platforms are out - in order to make Battlefield one of the defining online multiplayer experiences of the upcoming console generation, and increase marketshare longterm.

Or miss out on a major marketing opportunity, just to hit some extremely shortterm fiscal quarter goal. Oh well, what do I care... I just want a healthy and sizeable BF4 community on PS4 (or in the unlikely case that I'll chose Microsoft's box over Sony's - a sizeable and healthy community on Xbox). Fiscal responsibilty to shareholders and sound longterm strategy don't go hand-in-hand. Fucking shareholder value scum.

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Then I take it that the ad meant you can drive a vehicle through a building and put a giant hole in it?

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After how gross BF3 left me feeling, I still think BF4 might be the first time I opt-out of the franchise. The DLC and "premium" and micro-transaction stuff was gross. The way they yanked servers and then charged fees to run servers in their place was gross. The way t hey fractured the player-base with so many shitty variations in expansions (close quarters? -- really?!) was gross. The way that made finding a good server with a good rotation of maps and modes and a good community of regular players on a FULL server (no, sorry, I don't want to play two shitty maps in death-match only mode 24x7) was gross. The way they pretty much stripped out the ability for people to really build a community around a server (other than variations on shitty rotations and modes, every server looked and felt the same -- usually devoid of personality and community) was gross.

I don't have any faith that they will learn their lesson and reign that bullshit in for BF4 and considering I spent about 60 hours playing BF3 since the early launch period (when I initially imagined I'd be playing thousands of hours), I think I'm done with this franchise.

Maybe enough other people will finally be fed up enough that it'll grow and improve communities around games like ARMA and Red Orchestra. But . . . I doubt it.

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that's pretty funny. i do kind of hope that it's a real release date and not just a place holder. they actually announce when the game is going to come out.

battlefield franchise didn't seem to great now. 2 i found was great. after that it wasn't so great.

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After buying BF3(for cheaps nearly a year after release) and viewing how shitty most of the DLC(and Origin) was, I'll take a pass, besides I'm tired being GJ-Joe in games killing Arabs/Persians, Asians and Slavs, Want to win me back battlefield? Do something new...... And no that doesn't mean being able to switch from iron sights to acog..........

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At this point I'd rather see upcoming games say their on the next gen consoles. I'm ready to start the new Generation already.

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That entire first sentence is false advertising. All those things can be done in other games. In fact, I don't think there is a damn thing the Battlefield franchise can say only happens in Battlefield.

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@theht: There's a good Chris Tucker gif that goes good, here.

Like when Craig was worried Big Worm was gonna get Smokey did, and Red told him he got a fool for like 50 bucks? ~ Go look for that. That's real relevant here.

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How nice of Microsoft linking the Xbox players to the 17 minute high end PC gameplay footage.

That's like putting Asa Akira in front of you naked and then chopping your penis off.