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As of today, I am quitting PC gaming. To be clear, I am not quitting because I dislike PC gaming, I understand why it is good and the advantages it brings, but the reasons I am quitting are for the disadvantages, which are as follows (DISCLAIMER: THESE ONLY APPLY TO ME, AND IF YOU HAVE NOT SUFFERED WITH ANY OF THESE PROBLEMS THEN I AM HAPPY FOR YOU)

1. Price.

It is really expensive to get into PC gaming, once you have a powerful rig sure it will last you for a good 3-4 years with games at the highest quality and thats great, but eventually its going to come to a point where you need to upgrade, and thats where price comes in, as it can be so expensive.

2. Compatibility & Troubleshooting

Another problem is that you need to make sure that all your parts of your PC go well with each other and that nothing is going to conflict with one another. Of course when you have this problem sorted, you then need to think about air flow when building, and over heating and making sure that temps are fine. Sure you can buy a PC custom built and avoid point 2, and in that case we will refer back to point 1. Also, when you have your PC all up and running, you then can run to into so many problems, such as java glitching on you when trying to set up a minecraft server, or your drivers just all of a sudden stopping working and you have to re-install or your game that worked fine this morning, now is not starting up and you are scouring the forums figuring out why. All of these headaches are what I do not wish to deal with anymore, I am getting to that age in my life now where I have university and my career to think about, I just want to come home and play a game, not trouble shoot. I will also quickly touch on framerate, as this can be difficult to also, with a console you know what your getting, with a PC you need to troubleshoot more and play with settings in both the game and the nvidia or ati control panel to get the best look and framerate that suits you. Another hassle I refuse to deal with.

3. Peripherals + competitiveness

Now this can be said for consoles also, but to a lesser extent. With a PC however, you need to make sure you have a mice and a keyboard - obviously - but you also need to make sure you have a decent set up with minimal lag input and quick response time, and if you haven't you are then at a disadvantage when playing online games that are competitive such as COD or BF. This also refers back to point 1, that these keyboards and mice from Razr, or Rocco, or steel series are really expensive.

4. Accessibility + Comfort

With a PC, you have alot of power in your hands and your able to make games look as good as you want them to look and thats fantastic, however to play PC games most of us are in the postion of sitting at our desks upright in our chairs and not really comfortable, at least not as comfortable as you could be if you was lounging on your couch, or your bed or even the floor. Consoles offer this, you can just pick up your controller and go anywhere, sit anywhere and be as comfortable as you want to be. Now I know that some people like to fit their pcs up to the TV and and set up a wireless controller to go with that, and play their PC as a console, this is great, however we then refer point 2, which can be even more a pain in the ass if you have set it up as if it was a console because then you need to get your keyboard and mouse out, or if its in another room go in there and fit it up to a monitor or what have you.. argh, just more work.

5. Popularity

This will probably be the biggest controversial statement in post, however I am using it because this is my experience and my reasons for quitting. I find that alot of people that i come into contact with, play console alot more. Whether its COD, Fifa, or Skyrim, they all either play on an Xbox or a Playstation and as a matter of fact all my friends play on console. In my years of PC gaming, I have only ever made 1 'real life' friend who plays PC, whereas it would take me ages to name you all the people I know who play consoles. Due to this, its more easy to get together and play and have a good time, and gaming is best enjoyed - i find - when its with other people.

So those are my top 5 reasons why I no longer want to play PC gaming, I will be stripping my it apart sometime this week and selling them on Ebay. I thank you all for taking your time reading this, and please feel free to leave your opinions on wether you agree or not with my reasons for quitting.

have a great day guys : )

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Good for you...?

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No don't leave us we need you!

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Will PC gaming ever be the same again? I think you should blog about that.

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My post is no different to other peoples blog posts, (except the content) though I understand the sarcasm somewhat, though I did mark this as a blog post so would prefer you to respect that and keep your sarcasm I am receiving to yourself, I know it is a touchy subject and nobody likes their platform of choice to be criticised in any way.

Instead though, how about giving me your arguments to my reasons, I am eager to hear them.

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Step 1. Get a next-gen console.

Step 2. Melt pc into a portal-cube paperweight. (Or you know. Donate it, give it to someone you know. I don't care)

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All of these are OK reasons to go back to consoles, I guess, but I'd rather stick with PC's because:

1) If you build a good PC, you can use that as a very nice entertainment hub as well as a great workstation and the best gaming platform possible. On top of that, the savings you get from buying PC games on sale far outweighs the cost of buying the parts for a PC on the high end of "medium-range" every four years or so.

2) All of the advantages of PC gaming are worth that hassle. If you are frequently troubleshooting then something really needs to be fixed. EDIT: Also, I work for my college's IT department as a guy who troubleshoots student laptops, so tracking down issues is something I'm kinda experienced at /EDIT.

3) You don't need an expensive keyboard and mouse. They're nice, sure, but you don't need them, and you aren't really missing all that much by getting just a decent KB/M. As for internet - problems with that are often with your ISP, not with PC gaming, and you get those issues with a console as well.

4) This and point 2 come down to effort. I think the (relatively small) amount of effort I have to put into getting comfortable while playing PC games is well worth it. And I have a pretty comfortable KB/M setup as it is.

5) ...I'm a single player gamer. I like some Counter-Strike occasionally, a bit of Battlefield 3 on the side, and maybe some Team Fortress 2 if I ever re-download it, but given the choice I'll go for single player. Occasionally I'll play co-op with my brother.

Again, all valid reasons, but the low framerate, the lack of customization, the general sluggishness of the consoles in everything they do, the higher costs of games, and the ads that were thrown at me by the 360 were all far more of a headache to me than anything you've mentioned. I'll still play consoles, but they are not my preferred platform.

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@ryzon: You may have written "mini blog post" in your title, but this is not actually a blog, this is a forum thread.

If you want to create a blog on this website, which can then be added to the forums if you want, highlight your username in the top right of the screen, click blog and then when you're on your blog page click create new blog.


I can sympathise on point 5, I and all my RL friends through high school had a year playing Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 online but that was it. It was only when I met new friends at college who played PC that I started PC gaming properly.

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Ohh this again.. so original and informative...

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It sounds like you're a PC gamer of like 15 years ago.

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If you wish to create a blog post, you can do so by following the "Blog" link under your username at the top-right part of the screen. I'm going to go ahead and lock this down, but I do hope you recreate this as an actual blog, as I think there are some points here that have definite discussion value.