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Anyone seen this comercial with rich russian and mini giraffe?  I wont post a link because I think its against the rules...but its reallly funny. 

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Why did you post 2 threads?

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Yeah...I think the point is that the guy is so rich that he can genetically engineer a tiny giraffe. 

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@CharkeeFarlee said:
" Why did you post 2 threads? "
sometimes it'll post two threads by mistake. it happens sometimes. not sure how o.O 
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@AjayRaz: Fair enough, just one is typoed and both are worded differently :)
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No, this is the first time I've heard of it. 

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@CharkeeFarlee: i think it's b/c he misspelled giraffe the first time... heh. but that commercial is great.
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The commercial was stupid.