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I just bought mine cheap. Hope this helps any die hard fans.

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Are people really selling these for $10+?

Not at all worth that at all. Instead of spending $10 for like 6 cards, go buy the 3rd expansion or something. Plus all the cards are PAX East in-jokes, and most of the cards won't even be funny if you're not playing with people who've been at PAX. >_>

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would anyone mind posting what the cards say, because my friends and I have been to PAX Prime and we would love some cards based around PAX

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AWhiteAn immediately regrettable $9 hot dog from the Boston Convention Center.
AWhiteRunning out of stamina.
AWhiteCasting Magic Missle at a bully.
AWhiteGetting bitch slapped by Dhalsim.
AWhiteFirefly: Season 2.
AWhiteRotating shapes in mid-air so that they fit into other shapes when they fall.
AWhiteJiggle physics.
AWhitePaying the iron price.


I have an idea even better than Kickstarter, and it's called __________starter.


You have been waylaid by __________ and must defend yourself.
BWhiteLoading from a previous save.
BWhiteSharpening a foam broadsword on a foam whetstone.
BWhiteThe rocket launcher.
BWhiteThe depression that ensues after catching 'em all.
BWhiteViolating the First Law of Robotics.
BWhiteGetting inside the Horadric Cube with a hot babe and pressing the transmute button.
BWhitePunching a tree to gather wood.
BWhiteSpending the year's insulin budget on Warhammer 40k figurines.
BBlackAction stations! Action stations! Set condition one throughout the fleet and brace for __________!
BBlackIn the final round of this year's Omegathon, Omeganauts must face off in a game of __________.
CWhiteAchieving 500 actions per minute.
CWhiteForgetting to eat, and consequently dying.
CWhiteWil Wheaton crashing an actual spaceship.
CWhiteThe Klobb.
CWhiteCharging up all the way.
CWhiteVespene gas.
CWhiteJudging elves by the color of their skin and not by the content of their character.
CWhiteSmashing all the pottery in a Pottery Barn in search of rupees.
CBlackPress v v < > B to unleash __________.
CBlackI don't know exactly how I got the PAX plague, but I suspect it had something to do with __________.

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That insulin and 40k figurines one is brilliant.

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I was really lucky that a person I met in line for the final Omegathon was kind enough to give me a B pack. They just vanished everywhere.

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Oh man, The Klobb.

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I had to throw out more than half of the PAX cards. They're all funny to me. But when I go play with normal people they won't get the jokes.

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I was really lucky that a person I met in line for the final Omegathon was kind enough to give me a B pack. They just vanished everywhere.

I ended up with an A and a B, but goddamn I did not even see a pack c anywhere throughout the whole show.

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I've seen these on Xyzzy and they're pretty funny cards, PAA in-jokes or not.