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Hi, internet people. I was just sitting here, playing GTA IV's story mode for the third time. I was in the beginning, taking Roman to that card game and watching out for lone sharks. And you know what? I actually liked that mission better then most of other missions in IV. I better like taking one dude to a certain location, kill a dude or two there and drive away. Or just escape from people chasing me. I liked the missions in the beginning of the game a lot better. They were way original then those later in the game. Go to a place, kill enormous amounts of thugs and get out of there with an army of cops chasing you. Smashing a shops window, chasing a guy on rooftops, killing some ten people - that's what I love. I know that for a guy to kill dozens of dudes is just another day in Liberty City, but come on. Don't get me wrong. I love epic missions. Like, ones that keep you on your toes and encourage you to kill a lot of people. Like that mission when you and Packie, and his brothers go to rob a bank. I love that mission. There's a reason for killing so many people, and it is intense. You have to keep moving. Not, clear this one house. Don't worry, those 20 bad ass bikers will stay all month there. Then again, in Call of Duty 4 I love when shit blows up! In that game I don't want to sneak around and kill 5 guys in a level. I want my commander to send me in a field where there is an enemy after every corner and shit is blowing up all around me. Do you guys remember first russian mission from the original Call of Duty? That was epic. Even if you didn't have a gun. What do you guys think?


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Some of the early mission were the best like when you had to throw bricks through that guys window and when you had to snipe that guy when you had to phone him to get to the window.

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i loved the bank robbery mission it was bloody hard too

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I don't know why everyone thought the robbery mission was hard. I found my dreams of re-enacting Heat fulfilled to a new level. But can we all agree, missions with helicopters SUCK.

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Yeah, I found mission originality definitely lacking in GTA. Too many car chases, not enough bank robberies. Although, the motorcycle chase through the subway system was FUCKING EPIC. I got creamed by too many trains by taking a corner blind then- BAM! Train smacks into me at 100 MPH.

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I didn't find IV's missions hard. There were a few that I had to play to times to finish and the last mission took me about 4 tries, but that's about it.


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