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Hello, I love to play FPS with bots, BF2 and unreal tournament where both very fun with bots. But it seems to be hard to find a decent recent FPS with bots except arma series(but a lot of downtime between action in those). I only found 2 recent games with bots: counter strike global offensive and Call of duty ghosts. Any of those 2(or some other) FPS with bots you can suggest?

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Can't go wrong with CSGO. According to steam I played that game for almost 50h, and not a single one of them was spent with actual mp, just botmatches. Great while listening to the bombcast.

Black Ops is also supposed to have an alright bot mode, though it didn't really grab me. I enjoyed the mw3 horde mode thing way more.

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Team Fortress 2

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I'm so with you on this, the bots in Quake III and Unreal Tournament were my only friends growing up lol jk sort of maybe. The only current gen titles I can really think of are Unreal Tournament III, Killzone 2 & 3, Brink, Halo I think, COD starting with Black Ops, CellFactor: Psychokinetic Wars, & Punisher: No Mercy.

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Yeah once had quite every good FPS bots, now is it hard to find them.

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Gears of War-although it's a TPS.

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@maccyd said:

Gears of War-although it's a TPS.

Only way I ever enjoyed multiplayer in Gears 2 and 3, by myself with bots.

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All these games have offline mp with bots. Some of them also let you earn EXP, level up and unlock stuff like online does. Some of them have customization too. enjoy


medal of honor rising sun

007 nightfire

time splitters 1,2 and future perfect (you can edit your own maps and even make your own campaign if you wanted too)

starwars battle front 1 and 2 (you can use vehicles, ships and there are different classes and awards that you can win)

red faction 2



Brink ( this does not have death match just team based objectives, but you can level up customize your character unlock guns, parts for guns, customization options and abilities all offline)

killzone 2 and 3

unreal tournament 3 ( lots of modes, levels and bot settings all offline. this is an arena fps)

call of duty black ops 2 ( this have local play with bots everything is unlocked)

call of duty ghost ( this is an amazing game if you like to play with bots, you can play offline in local play everything is unlocked in all modes offline. also you can go online in squads mode and just play with bots and level up and unlock stuff too.)

section 8 (this is team based with a decent amount of guns it is all objective type, available on psn)

section 8 prejudice ( this is also team based and objective type game play, you can level up and unlock stuff offline really fun if you get tired of death match type fps, available on psn)

modern combat domination ( this is a mix of call of duty and counter strike, you buy guns at beginning of rounds or every time you respawn and every kill or point you get earns you money and you can buy more guns. at end of game you loose everything. However as you level up you can unlock gun attachments so that you can buy them at the beginning of rounds. this game is available on PSN but you can play it offline.) (you cannot level up offline but if you play online you can play against only bots and you can level up too and unlock stuff, just set up a private game and choose only bots)

counter strike global offence ( this game is not as good as the computer version but you can play with bots offline)

cell factor psychokinetic wars ( this game is a lot like UT3 except you can use telekinetic powers depending on which class you choose. there is no campaign just good old arena game types and it can be played all offline with bots.)

XBOX 360

gears of war 2,3 and judgment ( This game is third person its really fun and it can be played offline. you can level up and get xp offline aswell.

perfect dark n64 remake ( this is a remake of the Nintendo 64 perfect dark it is really awesome and proves that bots can be put in fps games they have been doing it since the n64 days lol.)

perfect dark zero ( this game is a pretty fun multi player game a lot better than the n64 version.)

Quake wars enemy territory ( this game is cool if you like battlefield but don't want to play online. you can use planes, helicopters, tanks and others vehicles. there are turrets and the maps are pretty good size. You can play offline with bots too)

quake arena ( this is different that quake enemy territory, it is a lot like UT3 you can play offline with bots just go to practice its basically a bot mode)

shadowrun ( this is a team based fps I liked it because of the powers you can use the different classes and how different it felt from other fps. you can play it offline with bots too)

lord of the rings conquest ( this game is just like star wars battle front 2 except it is in the lord of the rings universe. it is a lot herder than battle front and it is a lot more melee based. you can use magic and shoot others too. It can be played offline with just bots)

I own all these games except gears of war judgment. Games need to have bot modes so that they can have longer life spans. It is a rip off to sell a fps game with online MP only and ask for $50 nowadays game companies spend more time on MP than SP and SP is usually just added on to get you ready for MP. Honestly I used to play Halo 2 back in the day but not anymore if halo 2 had a bot mode I would still be playing it to this day lol. now the game is dead and so will all the other halo games. look at perfect dark for N64 it is still going strong because of its bot mode and offline MP. If you can think of any other games just put them in the comments.

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I got a surprising amount of enjoyment out of the Squads mode in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Rocked co-op with the gf and even she was having fun. She doesn't typically like military shooters.

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I remember back in university showing some buddies the bots in Killzone 2 and they were amazed. They were like, "Holy shit that bot just put down a turret in that hallway to choke off that zone. I've never seen a bot be so smart."