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Wish I has more spending cash right now. I've been looking forward to The Last of Us for a while now, and I have managed to avoid knowing much about it other than its made by naughty dog and has zombies.

At the same time, im trying to save money for a PS4 (I never got to get a launch console, I always get them close to a year later) and I know I'll need a PS+ subscription for multiplayer, which I like. Also: the current free games interest me.

The main delimma is I dont want any of the Last of Us spoiled and I'm not sure if I can go another months or two without it being ruined Vs all the free stuff PS+ has to offer especially in the Troubled Time of Tight Wallets.

I need advice Duders, what say you?!

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Wait to see what the bundles for launch PS4s will be. Some retailer might throw in a PS+ card with a preorder of killzone or watch-dogs.

The last of us is pretty good.

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"Money is tight" = PS+. You'll thank me later.

Seriously, I haven't bought a game on my PS3 or Vita since I signed up. The Last of Us doesn't sound like a game that can be spoiled in a few sentences, anyways.

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PS+ versus a single game? No contest. No matter how good the game is, PS+ is the better bang for your buck. Especially if it carries over to the PS4.

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If money is tight, definitely PS+. You'll accrue a pretty ridiculous library in only a handful of months.

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@artikay: Last of Us is a pretty long game. If your next paycheck is on the 1st then I think it might last you until the end of the month since it also has multiplayer.

Otherwise PS+ will get you two great games this month. It's Uncharted 3 and XCOM from what I recall?

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If you want something to play now then I'd go for the last of us but if you're predicting that money is going to be tight for a while then go for PS+.

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Which PSN Store do you use? If you use the European one you currently have a really great crop of free games to download if you get PS+ and that would probably be the choice I would go with if I could only get one of those two options.

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Believe me, there is no one thing in TLOU that can spoil the game. I would wholeheartedly recommend getting PS+. TLOU is a fantastic game, but between the two in your situation, the value falls in favor of Ps+.

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PS+, if you haven't played the currently offered games in your area, or also have a Vita. Jump on it straight away if you have yet to play XCOM.

Pretty sure you can get Plus cards on the cheap online, too.

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Hell - I've gotten both on the same day (only redeemed PS+ after I was done with The Last of Us). PS+ is an insane deal. Hell - it'll even give us Drive Club for free at launch, and it's whole FPS driving experience is right down my alley.

In terms of longterm value, there's no comparison. PS+ for you.

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If you had of asked this 6 months ago then yes, I would have said screw PS+. After having PS+ for 6 months I can safely say screw one game, PS+ has given me around 10 odd games so far for the incredibly small fee it costs.