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So during Nintendo's press briefing, Iwata mentioned that MonolithSoft (Xenoblade Chronicles) is at work on a game for the Wii U. This isn't news in itself, as it should be expected from a Nintendo owned company. But it was also confirmed that it is a new IP (which I guess could still have the word Xeno somewhere in the title? Technically?) and is being headed up by Xenogears creator Tetsuya Takahashi, so it is all but guaranteed to be great. So this, along with the projects from Retro Studios and Nintendo Tokyo studios have created my trinity of anticipated unannounced Wii U titles. Anyway, I thought there should be a place for MonolithSoft fans to gather and say, "Hey, that's great."

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a new IP is this even possible in the gaming industry?

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I'm more interested in what Retro can do with a new IP.

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Man, I still want Xenosaga 4.

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Do they own the Xenosaga rights or is that Namco ?

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@AuthenticM said:

Do they own the Xenosaga rights or is that Namco ?

I'm pretty sure it is Namco, like Square owns the Xenogears rights. Takahashi just keeps taking his Xeno and running.

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Fein Yeee.

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@Turambar said:

Man, I still want Xenosaga 4.

I like to pretend that Xenosaga never happened, the heartbreak is just too great.

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I can only hope that NOA will actually release it in North America without having to be coerced by an internet campaign.

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It certainly is exciting that they are working on something new. I loved the cast of Xenoblade, and I hope they can make something even better. However, I suspect we probably won't see this until the Nintendo Fall Conference of 2013 (assuming they have one).

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You just sold me a wii u

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They announced they were working on new game for Wii U ages ago. But yea, I'm stoked, this is a great reason to buy the console, these type of quality JRPG's. I expect the Wii U will have many.

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Xenoblade was pretty cool, It'd be great to see what they could do on the Wii U.

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This is pretty much the one game that could potentially put me on board with the WiiU. While I felt Xenoblade was weaker than Xenogears and Xenosaga in some respects, I still felt it was one of the best JRPG's of this generation and easily the best game on the Wii. I really want to see where they go from here.

Whatever they're working on, it had better be an RPG with giant robots and religious overtones.