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Years ago I was in a job I hated, spending all of my days staring at a screen and trying to pretend the "Sales-Bros" that worked around me didn't exist. I started to use my headphones at work, listening to music and then a podcast here and there. Eventually I stumbled across the Bombcast, and was immediately hooked. I found myself going home happy at the end of the day, and still streaming the Bombcast in my car when not carpooling with the wife.

Ryan was a big part of this, he was so damn happy all the time! Which at that point in my life was something I never ever was. I began to watch quicklooks and livestreams whenever I would get depressed and it would always have a positive effect on me. I know it sounds weird to say that a video game website helped me defeat my depression issues, but it certainly did.

Years later, I've changed careers, my marriage is better than ever and I have a lovely daughter and my depression issues are a distant memory..everything has changed from the moment I hit "play" on my first Bombcast, and bringing me into a community where I feel like I belong.

Thanks Ryan, you are missed.