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Bored at work and hope this thread catches on to keep me entertained for the next 8 hours. But what is the worst use of your money in something video game related?

Mine is MLB 11: The Show. I purchased it day one with the full intent to play the shit out of it. But months went by and it was still in the rapper. Eventually I popped it into my PS3, played a half hour or so and said it wasn't for me and I preferred the previous year. Went and sold it used for probably 15 bucks (back when I did such things last year, change of heart since coming to GB) so total loss of $45 and an average cost of $90 an hour for one game.

I also bought a Rock Band drum set a few years ago and I played the shit out of it and it only lasted 4 weeks where other drums I had lasted around 6 months (Rock Band might be my most played series). I would have use that because it was around $80 but I was playing Rock Band 2 several hours a day, every day of the week so I feel it got fair use but still under preformed.

So what are your biggest loses in video games?

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Paying $10 on Duke Nukem Forever =(

in all seriousness, I do tend to get rid of games only to get the urge to play them 6 months later so I buy them back.....I need to stop doing that, so much money wasted.

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I bought GTA IV and then realized it played shit on my PC at the time.

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ive probly bought san andreas two or three dozen times. i buy it,play it and love then say." well that was fun." and get rid of it or give it away. few months later." man,i really wanna play san andreas."

now i just keep it.

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@Kovalski_248: I did that all the time, I have bought Rainbow Six: Vegas 4 times now and I can't find my copy again, fuckin ridiculous, that's why last year I decided to not sell games anymore so I can beat them when I feel like it and I won't stupidly sell them and buy them back months later.

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A Neo Geo Pocket Colour. I "Jeff Gerstmann in Japan"'d that shit very hard.

Not that I'd call it a wasteful purchase so much as overpriced.

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CH flight sim yoke + peddles at the time when i bought it years ago with the way the US$ was and fright about $450 . and i never use the damn thing i find the mouse is better in FSX :(

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yup.for some reason i used to think it was a good idea to buy a game at full price. play it for a few weeks,then trade it in for another game and then buy that same game back again. now i just keep everything. i still havnt played alot of witcher 2 but dammit,im keeping it!

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@DoctorDanger99: I used to do that shit exactly. My goal was to beat it as quick as possible, return it within the first week and get as much back as possible. THEN buy it a year or 2 later used and try and end up ahead. I specifically remember doing this with GoW2. I was very stupid a few years ago and I guess you can say I'm kinda stupid for keeping everything now, eventually I'll end up like Jeff....considering I also want to buy every system ever and become a collector.

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I bought last remnant for 60 dollars. I don't even know what I was thinking at the time. I don't even think I saw a review or heard anything about it. The kicker is about this is that I chose it over Prince of Persia 2008. It was like I was having an out of body experience.

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I purchased a Derby Stallions Sega Saturn for some absurd amount of money. I want to say around 600 bones. Keep in mind that normal Saturns were going for $30 bucks at the time. Also spending nearly $150 on Shinrei Jusatsushi Taroumaru.... actually Saturn collecting in general was by far what I spent the most money on. I would call none f it a waste however.

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@Atramentous: $600 sounds kinda like a waste...thinking about getting a Saturn to add to my collection what games are good to get?

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I bought the 100 dollar version of HL2 back when that was coming out. You got a preload of the game, a care package of 3 or 4 posters, a 'Greetings from City 17" postcard, cd soundtrack, the Prima guide, and a hat.

I don't really like putting posters up in my room, lost the post card, the CD got ripped to my computer and is now in spindle hell, I don't look good in hats, and I've never opened the guide initially for fear of spoilers, but then I had no need for it.

I wouldn't say it was money wasted, because I think Valve deserved my money and I definitely got that much value and more with mods and stuff like that.

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@Nightriff: It wasnt a waste as a collector. Thats one of the most rare and desirable Saturns they ever made and it was MIB.

Saturn collecting can be rough and can be expensive. I would say dont dive in unless you have scuba gear. A good place to start would be Capcom and SNK's fighting games. Pick up an Action Replay 4 in 1 cart(It has both ram carts and a region bypass). If you are a fan of Persona you can pick up Groove on Fight by Atlus. It has a bunch of Personas in it. Besides that just work your way through all the shooters, rpgs, and sidescrollers. Youtube can be a godsend because back in the day we often had no idea what a game was until it arrived.

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@nintendoeats said:

A Neo Geo Pocket Colour. I "Jeff Gerstmann in Japan"'d that shit very hard.

Not that I'd call it a wasteful purchase so much as overpriced.

Just curious how much you paid? I dont think I have ever seen them get expensive, even know. Unless you bought a hard to find color variant...

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@Atramentous: thanks for the info, I'll keep those tips in mind as I try and buy one and get games for it