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What is the most boring game you ever played?
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Fallout 3.

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havent actually played it, but...desert bus.

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dark void

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Final Fantasy XIII
I'm not just saying that. I truly found the game to be boring.

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Dead or Alive Xtreme 2.

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@Vinchenzo said:
" Fallout 3. "
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@Vinchenzo said:
" Fallout 3. "

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Phantasy Star Universe.
I actually fell asleep playing it...

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The Lost game, that was terrible. 
Not that I thought it would be anything other than terrible.

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Myst... I was very young when I played it, but still at an age to faking love a game like Broken Sword.

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@TaliciaDragonsong said:
" Phantasy Star Universe.  I actually fell asleep playing it... "
I laughed
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Onechanbara zombie bikini boob kill  thing or whatever it's called on the 360.
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@Vinchenzo said:
" Fallout 3. "
I kind of agree with that. I found it seriously boring on my first two attempts. Forced myself to love it the 3rd time, but stopped somewhere after playing 75% of it. I'm kind of close to the end, but I couldn't go on (though i did enjoy some parts). So yeah, agreed.
Also, here's an unpopular opinion : Burnout Paradise
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Full game: Final Fantasy XIII 
PSN Game: Echochrome
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COD: Black Ops

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In recent memory I would have to say Red Dead Redemption. I played it for about 4-5 hours and I had to fight to stay a wake the whole time. The moment it started to get even remotely enjoyable I was randomly killed out of nowhere so fast I couldn't even tell what had happened, and I lost about an hour or two of gameplay since it was a dam console game and it used auto saves instead of just letting me save when I want to.  
I have yet to go back to that game. Short of it coming out on PC, which it never will since Rockstar apparently hates PC now, I doubt I will give it another try.

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World of Warcraft, especially when I raided Molten Core. I would always just doze off and wake up to someone screaming on mic. 

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Single Player : Crysis Warhead, Dragon Age: Origins, Fallout 3, point and click games, James Bond: Blood Stone, Hitman: Blood Money, RTS games, most RPGs, and alot more
Multiplayer : any Call of Duty 'cept for 5, Team Fortress 2, etc..

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I wouldn't say boring all the time, but sometimes, or at some point in time, these few games have made me on the brink of slumber: Uncharted 2, Killzone 2 and 3, and Gears of War 2. All of those games now though (excluding Killzone 3) aren't that boring to me, unless I'm extremely tired. Killzone 3 is so boring when I start playing it I take a few steps, then stop and look around as I'm stationary wondering if I'll turn it off or play more; then eventually turn it off. It's hindering my experience to finish it on hard.
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Alan Wake

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@Vinchenzo said:
" Fallout 3. "
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@armaan8014 said:
" @TaliciaDragonsong said:
" Phantasy Star Universe.  I actually fell asleep playing it... "
I laughed "
Me too when I woke up, then I went to the city and sold it.
My god what a boring grindfest! 
But somehow I still play Phantasy Star Online, that's not making me sleepy yet :P
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Dead Space.

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Persona 3 Portable
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@Ahmad_Metallic said:

" Single Player :  Dragon Age: Origins, Team Fortress 2, etc.. "

Sir, I challenge you to fisticuffs 
For me it's a three way tie between Too Human, Battlefield Bad Company and Scribblenauts. 
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I've never been more bored than the final few chapters of World At War.

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In recent memory, Fallout 3.

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Battlefield BC2's story bores me after about a minute.

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Crysis and Trine came to mind. Both insanely pretty games, but boring as hell.

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@TaliciaDragonsong said:
" Phantasy Star Universe.  I actually fell asleep playing it... "
As much as I loved the online mode and played it religiously, I have to agree with this in terms of the single player... god that was one awful experience. 
Broken Sword III:The Sleeping Dragon - A terrible steam purchase. I guess I really hate point n click adventure games now. 
Mafia II - Not the most boring game ever... but it was just one of those games you get half way through and then suddenly realize you don't give a shit about the world, the story, the characters, anything.  Finishing that game just became chore.
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Toy Story for the N64.  But that was back when I thought movie quality and game quality were meant to be equal

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Myst. Hands down.

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Anything by Bioware post-KOTOR I'm sorry to say. Don't know why, guess my tastes just changed.

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It's actually a tie between Fallout 3 and Dragon Age.

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Clearly, most of you people need to pick up a worse game if you think Fallout 3 or Call of Duty is the most boring game you've ever played. 
I picked up Rogue Warrior in the crazy Bethesda pack that came out during the 2010 Christmas sale. I like most of the other games in that sale, but I hope nobody minds if I say Rogue Warrior is complete and utter boring trash. A lot of the other games people have mentioned at least have compelling box art or something. 
Nothing is entertaining about Rogue Warrior. Nothing's offensively bad about it, either, like with Big Rigs or other games that have a chance of becoming so bad they're funny. Rogue Warrior is purely an exercise in making the least interesting environments, dialogue, gameplay, or graphics in a game EVER. I can't actually comment on the music because I don't remember if the game had any. My Steam clock says I played Rogue Warrior for 5 minutes. I was already interminably bored.

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Recently, I forced myself to finish Halo 3. Could not really get interested in playing it (ironically enough, I love Halo multiplayer and I thought ODST was a substantial improvement over Halo 3).  
Also, The Tick is so mind-numbingly boring, and it takes forever to finish (hours upon hours upon hours). It's bad. Just take a look.  

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gears of war / halo / world of warcraft
cant get far no matter how many times i try

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@gamb1t said:
" gears of war / halo / world of warcraft  cant get far no matter how many times i try "
taking going against the grain to the next level! 
And for me id say Farmville
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For now I'll say PixelJunk Eden until I come up with a better answer.

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I thought Uncharted 1+2 were really boring.
Probably not the most boring I've ever played, but it's one of the first that comes mind.

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the middle chapters on Dead Space 1, so much walking in corridors with so little incentive to do it....

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@VinceNotVance said:

Also, The Tick is so mind-numbingly boring, and it takes forever to finish (hours upon hours upon hours). It's bad. Just take a look.

Oh man, I totally forgot about that game. You win the thread.
It was made all the worse by love of The Tick.
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As far as "real" games go, probably Assassin's Creed.  Out of every game I've played though, Maple Story would have to have the title.

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At least it reminds me of the Tick, which makes me laugh, but did look pretty bland.
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90% of N64 games, people say current-gen games are"boring" but they haven't played the likes of Aidyn Chronicles or Superman 64
Makes me laugh

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I can't play boring games. 
I loved fallout 3 on my second attempt.
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@CptChiken said:
" @gamb1t said:
" gears of war / halo / world of warcraft  cant get far no matter how many times i try "
taking going against the grain to the next level!  And for me id say Farmville "
I'd agree with WOW...I do not understand the love for that game...so boorrrriiiing! 
GOW, I can see finding it boring. Its a fun one time play-through, but yeah, it can get kinda monotonous, so I understand it, but far from most boring game ever. And Halo is the same as any other FPS really, the first one is a lot of fun, 2 was Meh, 3 was more of the same. But you can say that about MOST FPSs, and the love from most Halo fans comes from the onlline (any COD game follows the same thread). 
For me it would have to be this rocket launching game for NES...I cant remember the name, but BOY was it bad