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#151 Posted by kerse (2118 posts) -

Persona 3

#152 Posted by Humanity (10049 posts) -

Did anyone mention Rule of Rose yet? Although terrible to actually play.

#153 Posted by Fat_Magnum (68 posts) -

Fire Emblem games, mostly because of my apparent ineptitude at keeping dudes alive.

#154 Posted by csl316 (9414 posts) -

I thought Halo: Reach did a good job of making things seem hopeless and whatnot. Especially when some ship asks for help and gets denied, bummer stuff.

#155 Posted by toshi0815 (55 posts) -

@tread311 said:

I'm currently playing Corpse Party and that game is pretty bleak.

And then you get panty shots.

But yeah, it's a pretty intense game even in the beginning

#156 Posted by EuanDewar (5098 posts) -

@Godlyawesomeguy said:

Heavy Rain, depending on which ending you get.

I got the one where the sixaxis control sucked so everyone died and also plotholes.

#157 Posted by mao16 (97 posts) -

Persona 3

#158 Edited by ArtisanBreads (3981 posts) -

The Walking Dead has been a pretty good one now.

If Metal Gear Solid 4 hadn't crapped it up with their cheezy ending it would have been a good contender.

Rockstar does it best though I believe. I think Red Dead really achieved that with its ending, especially *SPOILERS* how Jack abandoned his hopes of writing and reading and became a thug like his father, even if he does have some morals (depending on how you play out the ending)

I think Max Payne 3 is probably the most depressing though. Traded out a good amount of the series humor and had such a sense of senselessness, extreme violence with a remarkably small quality of glorification (which is practically unheard of in games), and a hollow resolution where you don't really feel a victor. I thought it was very well done.

I've always wanted to play I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream. Might need to hunt that down now.

#159 Posted by Baillie (4281 posts) -

Silent Hill 2 is the most depressing game ever made. None of you can name me a game that can top this. RDR might have a sad scene, The Walking Dead has some enjoyable moments, Silent Hill 2 is wrist-cuttingly depressing.

#160 Posted by mrcraggle (1979 posts) -

Duke Nukem Forever.

#161 Posted by MideonNViscera (2252 posts) -

Duke Nukem Forever.

#162 Posted by eternitymemory (153 posts) -

Xenosaga Episode III. I get that the very end was supposed to be a sort of hopeful note, but man. Only game that put me in a downer mood for a good chunk of the afternoon.

#163 Posted by emem (1974 posts) -

I agree with everyone who said "Spec Ops: The Line", that game is fucked up in its last quarter. The shooting may not be great (it really isn't, some parts are just annoying), but the decisions you have to make later on...it is freaking intense and portrays the madness of war disturblingly well which makes it one of the best (gaming?) experiences I've had all year. 
The Walking Dead is kinda similar to Spec Ops when it comes to "what the...what have I done/what am I supposed to do now?" moments and it is definitely depressing as well, but the setting is not realistic which automatically makes it less threatening to me if that makes sense? Anyway, The Walking Dead is amazing and probably more disturbing than Spec Ops, just not more depressing to me personally.

#164 Posted by RecSpec (3926 posts) -

Digital Devil Saga 2

#165 Posted by L1GHTN1N (537 posts) -

Alice: Madness Returns is pretty damn depressing. Just about any time it cut back to Alice in reality got to me, and the ending doesn't exactly end on a high note either.

#166 Posted by MiniPato (2751 posts) -

I thought Sleeping Dogs had a particularly depressing end chapter, especially the drive to the final mission.

There are a lot of games that aren't particularly depressing or somber until the third act.

#167 Edited by mlarrabee (3057 posts) -

The Walking Dead - You're going to make me choose between what and what? No. Don't make me do that. The eventuality they force you to face at the end of episode 4? Good Lord...

Red Dead Redemption - The ending kind of RDR simultaneously made and ruined the entire game for me. I saw it coming but still it made me sad.

L.A. Noire - Really? This is where the last third goes? Thanks, guys. I had gotten attached to person X and now this happens.

Heavy Rain - This place sucks. You were hoping to interact with normal, cheerful people? Too bad. Here is a selection of corrupted, hollow, or desperate people!

EDIT: I bought IHNMAIMS several years ago but I never played it. Maybe with all this talk, I'll finally go dig it up again...

#168 Posted by glyn (382 posts) -


#169 Posted by IzzyGraze (854 posts) -

@jerseyscum said:

It's been mentioned, but I feel compelled to post it regardless.

Yeah, this would make a good spookin with scoops game.

#170 Posted by Nottle (1915 posts) -

MGS2 has a large segment, about the time you meet the president, where everything is just sad. Everything with Emma, Otacon's past, Rose and AI Cambell's deceit, Snake kind of using you, being told your a monster that was raised a child soldier by Solidus, Olga dying, Fortune dying, and being told there is no such thing as magic by Ocelot.

Around this time things pick up again, Fortune sort of proves she does have her crazy powers, you defeat solidus (which is sort of depressing because his goals were somewhat noble, but hey he made Raidens life miserable.) Then Snake is there to give you a pep talk about how you as a person have the ability to make choices and make the world better as long as you face reality, and Rose turns out to be real after all.

@Fallen189 said:

@Animasta said:

@Fallen189 said:

Mother 2

mother 2 is depressing? Mother 3 definitely is but I never found Earthbound all that depressing.

I always found some weird fundamentally depressing aspect to all the mother games. I can't explain why. But yeah the end of M3 was...wow

The beginning of Mother 3 is depressing also super depressing

"Flint I got some good news and some bad news, the good news, we found Drago's claw, the bad news..."

#171 Posted by Dayve86 (54 posts) -

Mother 3

#172 Posted by pegasuswinks (84 posts) -

Digital: A Love Story

#173 Posted by TekZero (2691 posts) -

@Jeust said:

Lost Odyssey

Damn straight. That game sticks with you for a while.

#174 Posted by L44 (573 posts) -

BMX XXX. Because it was made, and more than one person would have had to have said that that game was a good idea.

#175 Posted by Morrow (1829 posts) -
#176 Posted by coakroach (2492 posts) -

Tactics Ogre: LUCT

#177 Posted by ashogo (944 posts) -

@RecSpec said:

Digital Devil Saga 2

That has a pretty happy ending though.

#178 Posted by ImHungry (377 posts) -

My mind refuses to believe that this much discussion has occurred in a Trains thread. What happened to the cool threads Trains? :(

#179 Posted by dudeglove (8264 posts) -

@EuanDewar said:

@Godlyawesomeguy said:

Heavy Rain, depending on which ending you get.

I got the one where the sixaxis control sucked so everyone died and also plotholes.

Plot holes my ass.

#180 Posted by hermes (1606 posts) -

In this generation, Heavy Rain and Spec Ops are two fine examples.

Both games have such a depressing atmosphere I had to push myself to finish them...