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I really wanted to love this game. The setting seemed interesting and different and the first couple of minutes really struck a chord. But then it fell completely flat. The multi-player was fine but not enough to salvage it.

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@Willin said:

Uncharted 2 and Bioshock simply because before I played them I was under the impression that they're the greatest games of this generation. They were not.

I usually buy overhyped "best ever" games on steam sales for $5 or in a $5 bundle. That includes Bioshock. I didn't get into it either but at least I didn't lose a lot of money. I'm waiting for Skyrim to hit the $5 mark.

Skyrim for $5 would be insane. Don't get me wrong - it'll happen, but the value on that would be incredible.

To avoid hype disappointment I find the best thing to do is to immediately play the game as the post-review hype starts to solidify. That's why I like to rent big games first, then buy them when they're a little cheaper later.

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@Willin said:

Uncharted 2 and Bioshock simply because before I played them I was under the impression that they're the greatest games of this generation. They were not.

I had similar experiences with those same games. Neither are bad, they're solid and well built, and both are even outstanding in certain areas, but they are not even close to the amazing singular experiences I was lead to believe they were. In retrospect, I can see how foolish it was for me to expect them to live up to the hype, but that does not change how underwhelmed both titles left me at the time.
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Master of Orion III. I've never seen another sequel with such a thorough dismantling of everything that made a series good.

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@Panpipe said:

To avoid hype disappointment I find the best thing to do is to immediately play the game as the post-review hype starts to solidify. That's why I like to rent big games first, then buy them when they're a little cheaper later.

I bought Fallout 3 with all the DLC for some ridiculous discount price on steam last summer. I had fun with the game too... I'm fine with playing "old" games.

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Rune? By Human Head? It's only like one of my most favorite games ever. Of course last I played it was like 10 years ago, when it came out, but I've fond memories of chopping off heads. Tight controls, fun dungeoneering and bloody guts & gore is what I remember. Don't you inform yourself before buying into games? Oh well...

I'm sure it didn't hold up too well... let's check a youtube video...

NOPE - still looks AWSUM!

Yes, that video is showing the multiplayer which was excellent PvP action as shown. But I was disappointed with the single player story, it was so far off from what I was expecting a Viking game to be. I did do a little research when I first heard about the game. It was suppose to be based on actual Viking legend and lore, and It was, but not in the way I was expecting. It was a common dungeon crawl with references to Viking gods and mythology. I was expecting a Viking game of raiding and pillaging, sailing the open sea from one location to the next, gathering loot, honor, and glory along the way. But it wasn't to be.

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Brutal Legend - I still like the game but didn't expect the heavy RTS stuff

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@MasturbatingestBear said:

So this is similar to the topic about the worst game you ever bought?

Hmm, Crisis Core.

You never liked Crisis Core? I thought it was a great game that strengthened the story of FF7 as a whole by showing another side to Cloud and Sephiroth. It actually made me care for Aerith, unlike when I played 7. My favorite part of seven's story was the part in Nibelheim. Playing that was great and I loved the last ending.

I wasn't a fan of the combat. And I was hoping that as a prequel it would get me more interested in FF7. I never really cared for the characters or plotline in FF7 so I bought Crisis Core real cheap hoping that it would set me up to know more about the characters in a way to get me psyched for FF7. Unfortunately that game feels more like it is geared towards the already die hard fans who would need every little plot hole in FF7 filled. Which is cool, just not for me.

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Castlevania 2. The original was one of the earliest games I played that had a sense of real atmosphere, so I was beyond psyched when I got my hands on the sequel. Between the bland color pallet, horrid RPG mechanics, forced grinding and constant backtracking, I couldn't have been more let down. At least in my case I played both games a lot later then most at the time (I played the 1st in '88 and the 2nd in '89), so I didn't have to wait the four years to get IV in 1991.

I must have beat the original 50 times, but I think I spent just five hours total with the sequel between the time I bought it and now. It still kind of bothers me, especially since every Castlevania game made now is either just Metroidvania or in 3D. I'd love to see a return to the old, brutal style of Castlevania with the kind of tight enemy placement and level design that the first one had.

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Bram Stoker's Dracula for the snes...got it as a Christmas gift....i was hoping for a Castlevania rip-off... got yuck

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Sword Of Sodan- Sega Genesis.....Watching it on the screen at the Babages in the mall made it look so awesome. I spent a few months of allowance on it and it was like a really bad controling but graphically superior Rastan.

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The fourth Spyro game.

More recently, Far Cry 2.

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Gears of War 2. I hated the abysmal multiplayer and the ridiculously (boring single player).

It barely had anything in it from Gears 1 that I loved.

Gears 3 redeemed it...somewhat

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RE5, just because the last resident evil game i played at that point was Code Veronica, and there was no tension or scares.

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Catherine. More like CRAPtherine, amirite?

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Quake 4.

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The HARSHEST sting in my entire gaming history is when I bought the original Doom and found out what "shareware" was.

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Catherine was pretty disappointing. I also didn't appreciate the bait-and-switch Brutal Legend pulled...

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@Crypt135 said:

Dragon Age 2.

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Asphalt Urban GT, first DS game I bought, and it was terrible.

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Juggernaut for the PS1, but you've probably never heard of it, for good reason.

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Probably Phantasy Star Universe.

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Probably Devil May Cry 2 because of how much I loved the first game. There was a pretty long period of denial.

I've been disappointed by quite a few games I kinda like. My 360 broke one week before Halo 3 was released and I was so, so, so, so hyped after waiting four weeks to get my console back from MS. It turned out to be the weakest Halo...and still is. I was also quite disappointed with the first Ratchet on the PS3. It was surprisingly humourless and kinda safe, I expected more from the game I bought a console for. (I still think it's the weakest game in the main series... even moreso than Gladiator/Deadlocked)

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Fable 2 and Burnout Paradise.

Fable 2 had some neat moments but overall it fell flat in many places. It had nice moments when your walking with your dog and I liked the look of it and certain parts of the story were good. The rest of it felt like it was made by people who didn't know Oblivion existed.

Burnout Paradise was disappointing because I was expecting something as good as Burnout 3 which Paradise certainly was not.

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TMNT II: The Arcade Game for the NES.

Every movie-based NES game except for Batman (which really had nothing to do with the movie besides using the actors' likenesses).

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I think Resident Evil 5 was a huge let down, I just couldn't get over how the controls and the robotic character animation was exactly the same as in four. RE 4 is one of my favorite games ever, but the fact that 5 didn't really change what was bad about 4 really made that game a dissapointment to me. Also I did not like having an AI partner. I guess it would be good for co-op though.

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Would have to go with Modnation Racers, the game wasn't even THAT bad but for some unknown reason I had massive expectations of it. Once I realised that it could never be what I had wanted it to be me and the game were just never going to get on.

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I have purchased so many bad games from the NES era all the way up to the PS1 era. I think I have all those games locked away somewhere in my mind, never to remember. With information so readily at our fingertips, its hard to make an unwise purchase these days unless it was an impulse buy or of course we were lied to. Several games this generation come to mind:

Fable 3 - Fable 2 was pretty good. The humor was there, the lovely environments were there. I should have stopped there, because Fable 3 felt like a cash grab. I couldn't even force myself to finish it. Never again will you fool me Lionhead.

Prototype - Prototype was a frustrating game. Combat was a cluster fuck of annoyance and I had to force myself to finish it. Only redeeming quality was the parkour.

Brutal Legend - What a bait and switch this was. Tim Schafer game, hell yes. Jack Black, well he can be funny at times I guess. Heavy Metal in an open world action game, hell yes. RTS....wait how the hell did this get in here. If they has just removed the RTS boss battle crap, this would have been a great game I think. What a waste.

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I would have to say Perfect Dark Zero. I bought a 360 the day after launch just for this game after loving the first one so much. I wasted hours and hours playing this game to convince myself that it was worth it, it wasn't.

Or maybe Toejam and Earl 3. I played the heck out of Panic in Funkotron co-op style, the transition to 3d was not pretty.

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Twilight Princess, I still hate that game.

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@Crypt135 said:

Dragon Age 2.

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GT4. I was so excited for it to come out, got it the day it came out. I never clicked with it, which is odd because i really enjoyed racing games at the time. I traded it in some months later.

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Silent Hill Homecoming. I have been fan of the franchise for a long time. I was looking forward to the next generation entree in the series. Seeing the game now when I upgraded my TV looked dated and ugly. The implementation of dialogue trees was put in for the sake of having it. The ending of the game is determined by three binary scenarios as opposed previous games. Where the outcome was determined on how you interact with certain keys items and they way you played the game. The one thing that soured my experience the most was the timing based combat system. Counteracting blocking enemies -who also re-spawn - and dodging attacks became frustrating. I did beat the game but I have no reason to go back to it.

Final Fantasy XIII. I had high expectations for that game and it did not turn out well. I had fun playing X, X-2 and XII. I played it the month it came out. Blitzing through constant corridors discouraged from grinding to level up. I ran into a boss that I was too underpowered to fight. I stopped playing for a year. What also hurt the game was that I understood the story more from reading the chapter synopsis then watching the cut-scenes. Final Fantasy XIII proof that Japanese game design has fallen further behind in the last few years.

I'm hopeful that these two franchises will turn thing around.

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I can think of quite a few, sorry if this is breaking the "rules" of the thread. If I had to pick just one its the first game on my list I guess.

  • Twilight Princess - Uninspired, way too easy.
  • Half-Life 2 - Felt like an engine showcase more than a game. Look, physics puzzles, and boat driving, and basketball with a robotic dog! Huge letdown after the first.
  • Home Alone 2 (for Genesis) - Played a rental of the first Home Alone game as a kid and LOVED it. Went to the store to buy it, and discovered that the sequel was out. Gotta be even better than the first, right? Big huge "nope" on that one.
  • Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes (Gamecube) - Heard a lot of good things about Metal Gear so I picked this up one day. It's terrible.
  • Grand Theft Auto 4 - Hits some kind of weird medium between realistic and crazy that isn't very fun.
  • Warcraft 3 - What's this upkeep business, I get punished for having too many units? I want to amass vast armies of griffons and send them all out at once like in WC2. Also making it 3D was a step backwards, everything was harder to distinguish and it made custom maps harder to design. All RTS games should be 2D in my opinion.
  • Brutal Legend - Why did they feel the need to add RTS elements?
  • Red Dead Redemption - Played for a few hours and it felt like a never ending tutorial. Just very boring. I'm sure it picks up later on but I couldn't bring myself to play any further. I think GUN did the same thing but much better.

I never bought Dragon Age 2 or Duke Nukem Forever, at least. KOTOR 2 would have made the list but I only rented it.

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@AlisterCat said:

This thread seems to crop up every couple of weeks. I will say what I always say. Never disappointed by the games I buy. I know what I'm in for, and I only buy games I like.

I'm in the same boat. However, I will say that I didn't enjoy Infamous that much, even though I did get it for free. Same with Dead Nation (except much worse than Infamous), which I also got for free.

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Crysis 2..


That game is the worst.

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@hbkdx12: Number 2 sounds pretty good! The third one was my first game so I'm not sure if that's why enjoyed it so much.

Damn I miss EA Big, I want downloadable Tricky and Street games, or a Vita collection (when I eventually get one a lot later)

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Brink and Fuel. Urgh...

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@midnightgreen20 said:

RE5 was a huge letdown. A far cry from a horror game coupled with companion AI that had absolutely no problem with wasting as many bullets as possible on a single zombie.

dude, RE5 ain't sandbox enough to compare with far cry. don't shovel them together just because they both set in Africa

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Can we pick indie games? I bought Solar 2 after watching a quick look because I thought it looked interesting. Little did I know that you could whip through everything in a matter of minutes. Literally.

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I have quite a few:

Epic Mickey - just a bad platformer that promised to be something more.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - It lacked a lot of features, and the release of UMvC3 just soured me even more on buying it.

King of Fighters XII - Pretty bland.

Dragon Age 2 - Shallow and dull in comparison to the first. I lost interest and didn't even bother finishing it.

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Horrible pacing and much longer than it should have been.

Catherine - It's a strange game, but I didn't find it's take on adult relationships to be as mature or inspired as it thinks it is.

You get the idea.

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Knights of the Old Republic 2

Broken, unfinished. I'm still confused how a sequel to a major selling triple A title comes out like this. But then I see something like Dragon Age 2 and wonder, what the hell is Bioware's problem sometimes? They outsource an IP like this to a developer with a reputation for making BORKEN games, they agree to grind out a sequel to a game that took them years to developer under strict deadline... man.

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Perhaps Catherine even though that game is good

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Brutal: Paws of Fury for the Genesis. I spent my birthday money on it after seeing a cool looking advertisement. I cried to my mom to return it.

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I guess God of War 3 for me. It felt too similar to the previous two games and I just got really fucking bored with it.

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Modern Warfare 2.

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Phantasy Star Universe on the PS2. I had been obsessed with PSO on the Dreamcast and PC for years and was super excited to get a new game in the series that looked to be a rich update to what made PSO so awesome in the first place. Sadly, it's story bored me to tears and the multiplayer servers (on PS2 of course) were pretty empty and frustratingly unstable. I bought that game on day 1 and played it for maybe a week before I shelved it.